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Thank you for visiting my site – a place for women to experience fashion, style, trends, makeup, skin care, and share stories about life.


I’ve been married to my soulmate John for a long time – over 30 years. As empty nesters we’ve rediscovered all the things we liked about each other when we dated! We’re finding new adventures to share – one of them is a 24′ travel trailer! And we’re having fun exploring with our little house on wheels. We’ve raised four children, a daughter and three sons, now young adults successfully and happily pursuing their passions. I love to watch my kids on their journeys – they are smart, creative, talented, caring, and each of them is someone I’d choose to be my friend. Okay – I’m their mom, so what would you expect me to say! But, truly, I’m not the only one who says it.

Their creative projects are so good that I may from time to time share them with you. Our daughter is a very talented musician, songwriter, singer in Melbourne, our sons’ creative pursuits include screenwriter, author, musician, photographer. I don’t know how our kids all became so creative, but I love watching their journeys and am proud of how hard they work to realize their passions. (I will say that I attribute some of that creativity to the Montessori education we gave them for the first 9 years of their educational lives.) If you’re curious, check them out here: El Tee (musical artist Lauren Tarver), Evan Tarver (screenwriter, author, entrepreneur, self-improvement writer), Bryan Tarver (all-genres music genius, creative writer, media & marketing expert), Jordan Tarver (author, photographer, musician).


My love affair with cosmetics began with my first Yardley frosted lipstick – a 13th birthday gift from my parents. I can still feel how excited and grown up I felt when I unwrapped that gift! Just having it made me feel cool.

I still love makeup, and love to discover style, fashion trends, hair styles, and products that fall into all those categories. I’m often a resource to my friends (that’s what they tell me, anyway). My favorite thing is to help women over 50 discover how they can feel their best selves through style, skin care, fitness, and self-care. This site is a place to share that passion.


My site has grown since the 2016 launch of my blog, originally named Dez & Dot,  after my grandmothers: Dezolina and Dorothy (read the Dez & Dot story here). Both of them were strong women who faced life-changing challenges at young ages, met those challenges, and made fulfilling lives for themselves. They were devoted to their families, and they were important to me as I was growing up. The way they lived taught me many life lessons. The older I get the more I feel connected and inspired by them. We lost Dez (Nonni) when I was very young. Dorothy (Nana) was with us until the age of 93. She enjoyed looking her best and looked much younger than her years as she grew older. She always cared about her appearance, dressed cute, wore makeup, kept her hair styled. She was a style inspiration. I think she would have gotten a kick out of this project of mine.

Although the name of the style blog has transitioned to Karen Tarver Style, my grandmothers’ strength and love continue to inspire me.


I joined Beautycounter as a Brand Advocate in March 2019. I’ve been having so much fun sharing Beautycounter’s safer and luxurious skin care and makeup products with women and men. I love everything about the company and am very proud to be representing an organization that puts safety and people first. You’ll find a lot of Beautycounter information on this site including my favorite products, shopping links, consultant information, and safe ingredient info. I do earn commission on sales that go through my Beautycounter consultant site (, but the product prices are the same whether you buy them from me, direct from the Beautycounter site, or at their physical stores. I appreciate my clients who support my small business. I’d love to share Beautycounter’s products and skin care solutions with you, so if you’re curious and want to swap your cosmetics for high-performing, clean products, let me know!


Beyond the fun of cosmetics and fashion, there are so many experiences that we all have in life that sometimes are important to share – they communicate a message that has meaning to a wide audience. I’ll share stories like this along the way. I’d love to hear your stories or stories that you find.

Questions, comments, feedback, ideas, suggestions can be communicated via my contact page. I’d love to hear from you!


2nd time at Hula Grill and 3rd time wearing this dress. One of my faves.
Ocean View

Get To Know me

Favorite Travel Spots:   Maui, Hawaii and Melbourne, Australia (where my daughter lives)

Can’t Live Without:   Family, friends, chocolate, sunshine

Must Have Accessory:   Fresh hair style and fun hair color

Best Advice:   Everyone is going through something. Be kind.

Describe yourself in one Word:   Switzerland

*how my friend describes me because I typically see both sides of an issue

Favorite Season:   SUMMER!!

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. " Wayne Gretzky

In the desire for full disclosure, I want to let you know that throughout this site certain products and links to products are affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links. This will not incur additional cost to you.

I am happy to share these products with you because they are products that I have used and that I love enough to recommend them to my friends and subscribers (who are also friends, of course!). I will never suggest that you purchase a product that I cannot in good faith recommend.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Through the Dez & Dot blog, we’ll interpret trends for our age, style outfits for occasions, discover brands, learn tips and tricks.

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