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Chapter Two.

It’s what we do after the kids are raised, when our rough edges have smoothed a bit and we’re feeling more comfortable in our skin, when we finally have a few minutes to figure out what’s next. It’s what fills us up and brings us joy and motivates us to pour ourselves into it.

This is my Chapter 2.

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Nice Comments by a Few people

I’ve been following your blog and have been meaning to give you some feedback for a long time! I’ve tried a couple of new things, thanks to your blog. I’m currently wearing my Athleta joggers, which I absolutely love! I will definitely be getting them in a second color. Also, I purchased a pair of chunky loafers, which really elevated so many things in my wardrobe to look more current and relevant. Thank you so much for creating your blog!
Karen, You have so much to share, thank you for bringing your passion to all of us! Your knowledge of fashion, color, how to put it all together, is such valuable information for all of us women to partake. Your stories are inspiring, the fashion selections on-trend. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Cheers!
Thank you so much for your card. I appreciate your excellent customer service! It does keep me coming back 🙂
My friend recommended your post a while back when I was struggling with my style. The “Black, White & Brown with Dona Bela Shreds” post inspired me to write you. I love this outfit – it look wonderful on you and I like the simplicity while still saying “I’m pulled together – I thought about what I’m wearing”. Your overall blog is hitting the mark for me. I like how you show photos of yourself out in the world and not a “selfie” in your bedroom with a full length mirror. Looking at what you are choosing to wear has inspired me to think about what I put on a little more.
You are rocking your 60s – you inspire me!
Having recently moved and juggling work and three kids I have zero time to shop. I buy all my clothes online from mostly the same two websites. But now I feel like I also have a personal stylist. I check out your posts and because they are so timely and well organized I sometimes just buy what you suggest! Like this duster. I read, I clicked and I bought! I love love your blog.
Wonderful attitude, optimistic and full of self love! Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us 60 year old women!
Thank you for addressing these stay-at-home pants! These are exactly the ones I was looking at!


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