White Pants – The Go-with-Everything Look!

White Pants – The Go-with-Everything Look!

I love white jeans in the summer. Actually, white jeans are seasonless. But they are especially perfect in summer. As we count down the last days of June and think about the July 4th holiday, it feels like we are in the ideal white jeans season.

Think of white jeans and pants as the foundation of your outfit – the piece that grounds your look. There’s almost nothing that you can’t wear with white jeans. The look can go from casual and fun to dressy and elegant, depending on your top, shoes, jacket, jewelry, bag, and other accessories.

But . . . white jeans or pants can be a little tricky to wear. Most of us have had those discouraging fitting room experiences while trying on a mountain of white jeans. Either they are too tight (even though they are your size), or the pockets bulge, or your undies refuse to be invisible. Here are a few tips to get your white jeans or pants style to pass with flying colors.

  • Not too tight! – Don’t buy white jeans that are so tight you can see horizontal creases on the backs of your legs. That’s just too tight, unless it’s a brand that stretches a lot (I actually have a pair like that).
  • Undies – The trick to disappearing undies with white pants is to wear nude color, not white. Also, be sure your panty lines don’t show (no VPL!). Two of my go-to brands for no-show undies are Uniqlo Ultra Seemless Shorts, Hiphugger and Soma Vanishing Edge Panties.
  • Faux Pockets – Some jeans come with faux front pockets – they look like pockets but they are sewn closed and there is actually no pocket. If your white jeans do have front pockets, create your own faux pockets for a smooth look. Sew the pockets closed and then cut the pocket out. If you don’t want to do this yourself, it’s an easy thing for a seamstress to do.
Check out some white jeans/pants looks below. If a look intrigues you, use it as inspiration and copy it with what you have in your closet.

White Pants with Denim – Everywhere, Every Day!


White Pants - Denim Goes Everywhere Every Day!


White Pants and Independence Day Fresh

White Pants - Independence Day Fresh


White Pants paired with an Olive Jacket – Girls Lunch Date!

White Pants - Pair an Olive Jacket for Girls Lunch Date


White Pants for Casual Errand Day

White Pants - Casual Errand Day


White Pants with Black for Date Night

White Pants with Black - Date Night!


White Pants Looks for the Office

White Pants - Chic at the Office



One More Fun Thing

I like this article from Gurl.com. It’s a few years old, but the style is still current, and it shows 20 different white jeans looks:

20 Style Tips for How to Wear White Jeans 

Have a festive and safe July 4th holiday!



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