What to Wear with Olive Green

What to Wear with Olive Green

When I’m pondering blog topics to share with you, I sometimes find that I’m making things way too complicated. I realize that it’s likely that we may have the same style questions. So, I take a look at what has been on my mind. Is there a style question that I’ve been thinking about or something new I’ve bought that needs some fresh styling ideas?

This week I’ve been thinking about olive green. I just got a pair of AG olive green jeans that I love (there was a 25% off friends and family sale – I’ll let you know when they have another sale as it’s the best time to buy AG pants that can be pricey at regular prices).

I love olive green. It’s a great neutral. But it has presented a bit of a dilemma sometimes when deciding what to wear with olive green.

These are my new jeans (it's a model not me!)
These are my new jeans (it's a model not me!)

Olive Green – A Neutral

So I did a little research. It turns out that olive green is truly a neutral and pairs well with just about any color! I believe many people don’t recognize the flexibility of olive green. This is great news because if you can be creative with pairing olive green with traditionally unexpected colors, you can inspire others and be noticed as a creative style icon. Really!

What to Wear with Olive Green

I’ve often paired olive green pants with neutral tops: white, black, beige. It’s a nice classic look. But put olive pants together with a pink top and wow! It takes your look to a whole new level. You are now in a different category – not playing it safe but being playful and bold (maybe a little fierce!). Add an olive utility jacket to colored jeans – maybe burgundy, white, or pink – and you suddenly stand out from the crowd.

If you have something in olive green, try some new color combinations. Test them out at home in front of a mirror before taking your look to the streets. Remember to add accessories too. In fact, your accessories can be the fun color you add to a more neutral combination of olive and black or white.

If you don’t have any olive green in your closet, consider adding it. There’s a shade of olive that works for everyone.

Note: I’m excitedly awaiting my second Fix from Stitch Fix. Look for my Fix review next week. I wonder what will be in the box???


  1. Marci
    June 2, 2017 / 1:59 pm

    Thanks! That was a big help to me who loves olive green! at one point in my life I had 4 pairs of different styled olive green pants. And now I’m excited that my young professional daughter is picking up the olive love as a neutral.

    • June 5, 2017 / 9:54 pm

      Hi Marci,

      I’ve come to love olive green too. There are actually so many shades and versions – there’s a perfect olive for everyone! It’s fun to have another neutral option. Thanks for following the blog!


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