What to Pack for a Girls Weekend Getaway

What to Pack for a Girls Weekend Getaway

What to pack for a girls weekend getaway? I’ve just returned home from an annual girls weekend and it’s fresh on my mind.

What to pack, of course, is guided by the activities that are planned. My packing list was simple. This girls weekend, hosted by one of my close friends at her home, was focused on staying put!

This was the 9th annual gathering of a group of friends that I’ve known for over 45 years. Through junior high and high school and all the life that 45+ years represent we have remained friends. Some of these beautiful friends I see regularly and others once or twice a year. And it doesn’t matter if it’s only once a year. It’s as if no time has passed. These reunion weekends feed so many parts of who we are, and we all have made the annual gathering a priority. We enjoy life updates, pool time, shared meals, adult beverages, hugs, laughs, oldies music, silliness, and not enough sleep. It’s a weekend of heaven.

What to pack for a girls weekend getaway can be an enjoyable little project! It presents fun opportunities to focus on cute outfits. Since most of the activities of this particular gathering happened in and around the pool, most of what I wore revolved around pool fashion.

What I packed for my girls weekend getaway:

  • 2 swimsuits
  • 3 cover-ups
  • Yoga pants
  • Exercise top
  • Sport bra
  • Tank top
  • T-shirt
  • Lounge wear (for evenings by the fire or watching movies)
  • 1 pair of pants (just in case)
  • Light jacket for sometimes cool evenings
  • Pjs
  • Undies and bra
  • Hat
  • Sunnies
  • 2 pair flip flops
  • Athletic shoes (for morning walks) (not pictured)
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizing shampoo & conditioner (to combat the drying pool chlorine)
  • Lotion (a must to keep skin moisturized after hours in the sun)
  • Makeup (Wow! I never even put any makeup on this weekend.)
  • Personal care necessities
  • Weekend bag

This simple packing list doesn’t include any “going out” clothes since we had no plans to leave the sanctuary of our friend’s home and party-ready backyard.  If we’d been planning to go out for dinner, I would have included a casual dinner outfit and another pair of shoes.

(Check out packing tips in this post: Packing – The Best Way to Fit It All in Your Suitcase)

A few notes about the swim fashion that I packed

Swimsuits Sales

  • I usually end up swimsuit shopping toward the end of the season. Actually, you wouldn’t think of it as end of swimsuit season as it’s still July. Apparently, retailers work on a different calendar. But here’s the point: “End of season” prices are great! Retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom discount their swimsuits, including designer brands, by 40% and more. Although the selection may not be as robust as you would find earlier, I have always found a good selection of styles from which to choose (in fact, I usually end up with more “wants” than are reasonable!). The two swimsuits that I packed (the blue one-piece with the ruffle v-neck and the black and white graphic print tankini top) cost 50% less than the full retail price!

Swimsuit Styles

  • I hadn’t been swimsuit shopping for several years, so when I decided it was time for a new suit, I found that the styles that worked for me a few years ago, aren’t the best styles for my body now. And it’s not because I’m heavier – in fact, I’m a few pounds less than I was when I last shopped for swimsuits. But our bodies change as we age. We might find that highlighting a different figure aspect works better than before. A style that enhances my bustline is more flattering now than the more athletic-style swimsuits I liked a few years ago. Hence the beautiful royal blue one-piece with a little cup padding and the ruffled v-neck (linked below), plus a little tummy control and ruching across the bodice.
  • I also found a new tankini top (also linked below). The graphic design is a great waistline enhancer as opposed to a solid color as the print draws the eye away from the waist. I also like that this tankini top has adjustable straps since my narrow shoulders sometimes work against me when trying to keep swimsuit straps in place (especially when wet and a bit stretchier). Other tankini style plusses: Since tops and bottoms are sold separately you can choose the perfect size for your top and bottom since often we are not the same size in those areas. Also, you  can choose any color bottom to go with your tankini top. I paired the black and white top with an turquoise blue color bottom this past weekend. Fun!


  • I like to have a few options for cover-ups when packing for a weekend getaway that includes a lot of pool time.  A long-time favorite has been the Tommy Bahama boyfriend shirt. I think it’s a classy look, and it’s super easy to throw over any swimsuit. My new favorite is the Anthropologie colorful harem style pants (both linked below). I love this style because it covers my legs (my varicose veins are not my favorite feature). When I looked for the item on Anthropologie’s website to link for this blog post, I discovered that it’s now on sale for about $20 less than I paid a week ago. Aaack! I ran to Anthropologie mid-post to have my price adjusted, which they happily did. (This is real-time blogging!) There’s a lesson here: Make sure to check prices on on your purchases for a week or two following purchase as most retailers will make price adjustments within 7-14 days as long as you have your receipt (depending on the retailer).
What to Pack Girls Weeked
Ralph Lauren Ruffled One Piece + Anthropologie Watercolor Wide Leg Pants
What to Pack Girls Weekend
Calvin Klein Tankini + Tommy Bahama Boyfriend Shirt Cover-up


Like some of these pieces or curious about what was in my weekend bag? You can find them here:

What to Pack Girls Weekend
Lauren Ralph Lauren Tummy-Control Underwire Ruffled One-Piece Swimsuit
What to Pack Girls Weekend
Calvin Klein Palm-Print Tummy-Control Tankini Top
Anthropologie Watercolor Striped Wide-Leg Pants -
I love it as a swimsuit cover-up!
Anthropologie Watercolor Striped Wide-Leg Pants - I love it as a swimsuit cover-up!
Tommy Bahama Crinkle Boyfriend Shirt - My favorite cover-up!
Tommy Bahama Crinkle Boyfriend Shirt - My favorite cover-up!
What to Pack Girls Weekend
Stella & Dot Weekend Striped Tote - This is a super roomy tote and perfect for a weekend . . . and it expands!
What to Pack Girls Weekend
TKees Foundations Flip Flop - Amazing and worth the price!
What to Pack Girls Weekend
Wacoal Bra - b.tempt'd b.wow'd Push-Up My favorite bra! Got my 3 at Macy's but Amazon has a better selection.
What to Pack Girls Weekend
Maui Moisture Coconut Milk Shampoo - Just discovered this line and I like it better than my premium priced salon products.
What to Pack for Girls Weekend
Maui Moisture Shea Butter Conditioner - See comments on shampoo!
Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Spray
Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Spray

Girls weekends are such wonderful times to take a moment out of our busy lives, celebrate, and support. It gives us time to breathe. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to breathe.

And, of course, have fun with your girls weekend outfits!!!

My gang is looking forward to the 10th anniversary of our girls weekend and will celebrate next summer by gathering on a short cruise!

Girls weekend #2 is in two weeks – different girls weekend packing list!

Can't wait for next year's cruise!

What to Pack Girls Weekend


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