How to Wear Denim with Denim

How to Wear Denim with Denim

It wasn’t that long ago that wearing denim both on top and bottom equaled a fashion faux pas. But, as we know, fashion is always evolving and changing. This chameleon-like behavior makes it fun, keeps us engaged, and ensures an always-robust market in the fashion industry as we spend our dollars on new trends.

In the last few years, the denim with denim trend has become very popular. I’m not always the first one to jump on the bandwagon on new looks, so it took me a whole season for this look to grow on me. Now I’m a fan!

Have you tried the trend? Are you making a denim statement by wearing your top and bottom denims together? Here are a few tips for mixing denim pieces. The style collages show a variety of shoe options with each look. I included the variety because the shoe style you choose has a significant impact on the casualness or dressiness of your look. It’s easy to switch it up – or down – with your shoe style.

Here’s a link for Denim with Denim Style Cards for each of the looks shown below. Print and cut them out and save them for style inspiration!

Keep Shades Contrasting

When mixing denim on top and bottom, keep shades varied. In other words, if you are wearing dark denim jeans, your top should be a lighter shade of denim. (Note: Dark colors generally make you appear slimmer, so you may want to wear a dark color denim on the bottom and a lighter denim on top.)

Throw in a Bright, Eye-catching Color

This works well when pairing denims that are close in color. I know this almost contradicts what I just said above, but you can wear denims with shades close to each other as long as you break it up. Try wearing a bright top with a denim jacket and jeans or a denim skirt. Or try mixing your denim look with a fun, bright shoe or bag.

Denim + White

Wearing blue denim with white is a classic look. Aways a yes!

Other Denim Pant Colors

Denim is a neutral. You can pretty much combine it with any color, so try pairing a denim shirt, vest, or jacket with denim pants in a fun color.

Add Interest

One way to add a bit of contrast to a denim on denim look is to choose a super interesting piece. Something with embroidery, a really cool or unusual cut, or something that is highly styled (like the military-style jacket in the collage below).


Accessories can dress up or dress down any look. Keep a denim on denim outfit simple and let shoes and other accessories carry it any direction you’d like to go!

If this trend is something you haven’t yet tried, I am going to challenge you to go for it. If you feel unsure about the “fashionability” of this look, just do a Google search. In fact, don’t do a Google search; I’ve done it for you here!

When you try new looks or trends, you may feel a bit self-conscious the first time. But I can almost guarantee that if you are willing to take some risks with your style, you will start hearing some positive feedback. Try it – it’s fun and it’s only fashion!



  1. Lauren
    April 14, 2017 / 9:08 am

    I’m late to the party too. I’ll wear chambray with denim but that’s it so far. Now, my white denim jacket? I’ll wear that with anything!!

    I’m enjoying your posts, Karen.

    • April 14, 2017 / 5:03 pm

      Hi Laurie,

      Thanks so much! I really do love the denim + denim look now. 🙂

  2. Julie
    April 14, 2017 / 4:01 pm

    I love these outfits!

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