Velvet Pants and Everyday Holiday Style

Velvet Pants and Everyday Holiday Style

The holiday season is here! Five plus weeks to play with festive and sparkly holiday style every day.

My go-to approach to everyday dressing is a balance of style and comfort. And during the colder months, I HAVE to be warm. This doesn’t change for me during the holiday season. But I do try to add a dash of twinkle and merry during this time of year.

This combination of holiday dress and wanting to be comfortable used to really throw me in my younger years, especially when I was shopping for a holiday party outfit. I would see all the sexy, slinky, sparkly dresses and tops that were the perfect holiday look, but I knew they would never work for me. I wouldn’t be warm enough to bare my shoulders and wearing a jacket or cardigan would ruin the look. Or the outfit required a fancy shoe that I knew would kill my feet within an hour. Or the style was a once and done thing – I’d never be able to wear it for another occasion. I felt like I would never be able to dress for the holiday season without feeling, well, a bit plain, and maybe even a little frumpy.

But, then I decided two things:

  1. I didn’t have to follow the group and conform to all the holiday dressing “rules” and what the retailers and designers put out there during the holiday season.
  2. There was definitely a way to dress comfortably AND festively.

Here are a few ways to have fun with texture and sparkle this holiday season while staying in your comfort zone.

Add Some Sparkle Embellishment

There’s nothing like sparkle during the holiday season. A little bling on the shoulder of a cardigan elevates this very casual outfit – skinny jeans, long sleeve t-shirt, and patent oxfords – to holiday cheer-ful!

There are so many ways to perk up your everyday style with holiday sparkle, or luxe fabrics, even sequins can be an everyday accessory. I have a casual, all-sequin jacket that I’ve worn with jeans as well as with dressy pants. Look for budget friendly looks since this is probably not what you would consider an investment fashion piece. At this time of year, retailers have an abundance.

Incorporate Red

If there’s a “holiday color,” most would agree that it’s red. You can incorporate red in a variety of ways. Wear a red sweater or top. Add red sparkle in a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. How about a red skirt or red jeans? Red shoes are a YES! You can accessorize, like I’ve done here, with a red scarf or a cute red hat in the cold weather.

The black coat evokes a little drama in this casual outfit with its drapey collar and handkerchief hem. Holiday time is definitely a time to insert a bit of drama in your everyday style.

In this outfit:

It’s a Perfect Time for Velvet

I have LOVED velvet jeans since the 80’s. I had a fun pair of Lucky brand velvet jeans that I wore for probably 15 years or more. I guess they lasted so long because I only wore them once or twice each holiday season. I considered them “party” attire. That was then; this is now. I still love velvet jeans and I just purchased this pair of skinny velvet jeans at the Gap Outlet – on sale for $19 during the after-Thanksgiving weekend!

Velvet is perfect for holiday time – and beyond for that matter. These velvet jeans are styled with a fairly casual white shirt dressed up a bit with a long, sparky necklace. Oh, and about that comfort requirement I talked about up there – these are shoes made for sitting not walking! But they are SO much fun.

Velvet jeans are perfect for any setting, casual or dressy, and can be paired with every color. Velvet pants are really a must-have, and they are available in a variety of styles, not just jeans style. And with prices that start as low as my pair, there’s no excuse for not giving the style a try for the holiday season. Definitely fun!

In this outfit:

Velvet Pants for Holiday Style

Since velvet pants, jeans specifically, is my current obsession, I’ve preshopped some velvet pant styles for you – just in case you caught the velvet bug too!


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