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Summer Soles

This is truly a warm weather life saver! I own multiple pair of Summer Soles and love them. It makes combining bare feet and shoes great! Read more about them in this post: Summer Soles – The Solution for Sticky Feet

Summer Soles Insoles

2017 Pantone Spring-Summer Colors

How to Keep Your Jeans Looking New for a Long Time

Okay – this isn’t a glamorous tip, but it works. Wash your favorite pairs of jean INSIDE OUT on the gentle cycle in cold water with a low spin cycle. Then, put them in the dryer, still inside out, with a FEW items in the same color family and toss them for 10 minutes on low heat. When the 10 minute cycle is finished, quickly remove the jeans from the dryer, turn them right side out, and hang to air dry. The 10 minute toss prevents the jeans drying stiff. One other tip – Never overload the washing machine, especially when you are washing special items. The weight of clothing in an overloaded washer can cause faded and permanent creases in clothing, especially dark jeans. For more about clothing TLC, check out the post: Borrow Your Favorite Celebrity’s Stylist . . . But First, TLD for Your Clothes.

Lots of jeans!

At Home Facial Tweezing (yes – you can do it!)

This strange looking Tweezerman tool really works to take off that unwanted hair on your face. Read more about it in the post: Spring Beauty Tips.

How to Tie a Scarf: 4 Scarves Tied 16 Ways (Nordstrom.com)

Scarf Tying Video

Downloadable Spring/Summer 2016 Colors Shopping Guide

It’s fun to shop this season with the new Pantone top 10 spring/summer colors. Use this handy guide to jot down what you already have and what you’d like to add in the new and fresh colors. Save it to your phone or print it to take when you shop! Below is a sample of how it can be used as a tool.

Spring-Summer 2016 Colors Shopping Guide

Chart for Spring Colors Blog

Protect Hands from Sun Damage – Easy and Important!

One of the most important areas to wear sunscreen is the backs of your hands. I know! It’s not on the top of your mind, is it? Well, think of how much time the backs of your hands spend in the sun – almost all the time. Add up years and years of exposure, and it’s not hard to understand why age spots appear when people reach their 40s or 50s. I decided at a not-so-young-age to start wearing sunscreen on the backs of my hands every day. I have a tip to share, and it’s really simple, plus a product that I think is really making a difference. Start NOW! Especially if you’re young. Here’s how:

  • Keep a stick of sunscreen in your car and develop the habit of applying it as soon as you get in the car (at least once a day, but two or three times is better). The stick type of sunscreen makes application super simple, really quick, and not messy.
  • I’ve been using Rodan and Fields Redefine Brightening Hand Treatment ($32). No clinical study here – it’s all anecdotal, but I really think, combined with daily sunscreen application, it’s made a difference in the appearance of the skin on my hands.

I actually don’t have any age spots at an age most of my peers do . . . so far! Really! See:

Karen's Hands

Fasten Your Bracelet without Help! (Video)

No explanation needed – watch the video (click on the image below). It’s a game changer!

Fasten Bracelet with Paper Clip