Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

I’ve been pretty excited about a mascara I discovered somewhat recently. I’ve been using Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara for about three weeks. I really liked it the first few days I was testing it, but I didn’t want to share and exclaim over it until I’d had a little more time to test drive it.

I did a mascara review in June and I hadn’t planned on doing another quite this soon. But I’ve been pretty happy with this brand – one I hadn’t known about until Facebook ads wouldn’t leave me alone.

I thought you  might like to know about it too.

And this review is complete with real before and after photos!

The first thing that was interesting about this mascara was the weight of the tube – it’s heavier than others. I’m not sure what to attribute this to, but it gives an impression of something substantial.

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara
Here’s what I like about Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara:
  • It’s really easy to apply.
  • The brush is pretty slim and I don’t end up with mascara smudges on my eyelids.
  • It lengthens. And lengthens again.
  • It doesn’t smudge. AT. ALL. No raccoon eyes!
  • No flaking.
  • It comes off easily with my gentle Cera Ve facial cleanser.
Here’s what I didn’t love:
  • Lashes do clump a bit. I would like it to have a little more natural separation. However, this is not a deal breaker for me. I’m comfortable doing a little separating on my own. I use the pointed tip of my tweezers to separate lashes. (When I was in high school, our tool of choice for separating lashes was the sharp tip of a safety pin. Yikes!)
The advertised product features:
  • Powered by Orchid Stem Cell Complex™ to stimulate + encourage lash growth.
  • Soft fibers deliver high-impact length and lifts lashes from root to tip for a winged lash look.
  • Buildable formula that won’t clump even when multiple coats are applied.
  • Glossy, transparent coating prevents formula from flaking and smudging.
  • Fibrous formula is easily removed with your favorite makeup remover and a wash cloth.
    • Vegan + cruelty-free; paraben, sulfate, + latex-free
    • Dermatologist + ophthalmologist tested + approved

Also: For every product you purchase, they donate one “to empower a woman thriving through cancer or domestic violence.”

And now . . . ta daaaa! The real, unretouched, un-Photoshopped, actual photos:

Pre-mascara application. These are my naked eyelashes. I do curl my eyelashes before applying mascara, so actually these are curled, pre-mascara eyelashes.


Two coats applied to the top lashes.


In this photo the mascara is applied to bottom lashes (one coat on the bottom) as well. I think a clean eyelash brush would have taken care of the clumped lashes on the bottom.


One coat of mascara applied to the top lashes of my left eye.


Left top lashes now have a second coat.


Voila! Both eyes complete with two coats on top lashes and one coat on bottom lashes.

Thrive Causmetics Liquid Extensions Mascara
If you decide to give it a try . . .

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara is reasonably priced at $24. It is apparently pretty popular. When I ordered my tube I had to “preorder” for a future shipment about 2 weeks out. It looks like that is the case currently – as of this post estimated ship date is September 22.



  1. Donna
    September 21, 2017 / 3:38 pm

    Looks beautiful, wanna give it a try.

    Thanks Karen

    • September 22, 2017 / 7:32 am

      Hi Donna,

      I’ve been using Thrive mascara every day since I bought it. I can bring myself to go back to my other brands! I’m about to order another tube. I love that there is NEVER a smudge.

  2. Jackie
    November 5, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    Do you know how this compares to Younique Fiber lash mascara?

    • November 7, 2017 / 7:47 am

      Hi Jackie, I’m familiar with Younique mascara, bu I haven’t tried it mascara yet. Do you have experience with it?

      Thank you for your comment and for reading the blog!

      Karen R.

    • Karen Roberts
      December 11, 2017 / 7:31 am

      Hey Jackie,
      I loved Thrive much much better. Only one tube and not getting confused which one is first. No smudges, sometimes I only use one coat and lashes look awesome! I LOVE Thrive. Wish it were cheaper but I believe you get what you pay for. Gave my Younique to my daughter. Used it about three times didn’t care for it. But that’s just me.

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