Thanksgiving . . .
What to Wear, What to Wear?

Thanksgiving . . . <br>What to Wear, What to Wear?

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are in mid-November. Even more, that Thanksgiving is a week away! How did we get here already?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it revolves around sharing traditions with people we care about. No stress around gift buying and giving. The environment is usually festive and warm. Fun activities bring everyone together: football watching or playing, conversation, movies, games. And all of this surrounds the focus of the day, which is, of course, the Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving is the kick-off for the holiday season and holiday dressing. Whether you choose to be casual or embrace the sparkles and colors of the holidays, it’s fun to plan an outfit for the special day. I try to  keep a few things in mind when planning my Thanksgiving day attire:

  • Wear something that makes me feel good.
  • Be comfortable, i.e., make sure that my clothes feel comfortable before dinner AND after dinner!
  • Incorporate some type of layering to accommodate feeling warm or cold (sometimes it feels really warm if I’m in the kitchen but cools off quite a bit later on).
  • Make sure my shoes are super comfortable – I don’t want to be focusing on aching feet.
  • And, finally, have fun with my outfit!

I had some pre-Thanksgiving fun this past weekend styling some Thanksgiving outfit options. Actually, I think I went a bit overboard because I was having so much fun! I created a variety of looks from casual to dressy, including some with interesting accessories and color pairings.

Find a look that feels like you, and use these style collages as inspiration. My look would definitely be “Classic and Comfy” or “Trendy and Whimsical.” There’s no need to buy something new (although that’s fun if you are planning to go outfit shopping). Just look in your closet using these outfits to spark your own ideas. Try a new combination of pants and a top that you haven’t considered putting together. Or how about a new color pairing that you haven’t tried. Remind yourself of colors that work well together by doing a quick re-read of Be Your Own Color Stylist.

Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving, and when you are ready to start your holiday shopping, take a look at my curated list of Unique Holiday Gift Ideas. Most of the items included on this list are things with which I have personal experience – I have either received or given them. The others included on the list are things that seem kind of cool and have great reviews. I hope you find some things that seem perfect for those special people on your list.


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Check out Unique Holiday Gift Ideas here!
Lots of options in all price ranges – most between $25 and $100.



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