Thanksgiving Outfit – Fall Sweater Shopping

Thanksgiving Outfit – Fall Sweater Shopping

Thanksgiving is 20 days away. I’m thinking about what to wear on that day, are you? A fall sweater keeps popping into my head for outfit possibilities.

A fall sweater could be the perfect Thanksgiving piece. It’s not too form fitting, so it can hide that unattractive Thanksgiving bloat, a must when planning what to wear for an event that is focused on consuming hundreds (okay, let’s be honest) or thousands of calories.

However, I have recently realized that my closet is devoid of fall sweaters. I’m not sure why. I think over the past several years I had decided that I didn’t really like them on me. Or something.

Since I haven’t added something new and current to my closet in a while, I decided that I needed a sweater. For Thanksgiving. Oh, and so I could show something new for the blog.

I’ve probably featured most of my current wardrobe in past posts and you may be a bit tired of seeing the same stuff. Not that I regret inviting you to see repeats of what I have. I think it’s important to know that we can refresh our look without having to buy, buy, buy.

This internal conversation has been necessary to give me permission to go shopping.

So the search began.

I had an idea of what I was looking for: a sweater to wear for Thanksgiving, casual, and not a “department store-ish” look, and that was about the extent of the specifics.

An online search of the usual suspects (Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Anthropologie) disappointingly turned up nothing intriguing. So I had no choice but to take my search on foot.

Downtown Petaluma, the town where I work, has a wonderful collection of beautiful boutiques all within a couple of blocks of each other. A perfect collection for speed shopping. Which is just what I did during a one-hour lunch break.

Take a peek into the fitting rooms along the way. Which ones do you like?

Mustard Sweater

This was a super comfy, almost velour-like sweater. I actually really liked it – except for the color. I don’t know if I can go with a mustard color top. Trying it on with mint green colored pants didn’t help. The price was really budget friendly (can’t remember exactly but maybe around $40). Actually, I can’t get the comfort factor out of my head.

Black Diagonol

This isn’t really a sweater but more like a lightweight knit. I liked the shoulder buttons and asymetrical lines. The fabric, however, felt a little cheap and I didn’t get the feeling that it would hold up well.

J. Fermi (one of the downtown boutiques) was where I found a pretty good selection of sweaters in a variety of styles: loose, fitted, long, cropped, neutrals and colors. With the personalized service from the boutique owner, I was able to find four sweaters I really liked. I took home two. Here are some that I tried.


Obviously, I bought this sweater. I am not usually drawn to brown, but this is kind of a black based brown, which works with my coloring. I really like the easy fit and classic casual look. This sweater was around $100.

Gray Cowl

I wasn’t looking for gray and I am not a fan of cowl neck sweaters generally. But the fit and texture of this sweater won me over. I like that the cowl when it drapes has fabric showing rather than skin. This is made in Barcelona by the same manufacturer as the brown sweater to the left. The price is about the same.

Off White Diamond

I didn’t love the fit of the sweater in the fitting room. But looking at the photo, I think I may have to revisit this one. I don’t remember the exact price, but I believe it was in the $70-$80 price range.

Diamond Detail 2

From a distance it’s hard to see the detail of this sweater. I really liked the diamond pattern along the bottom.

Purple + Black Shoulders

I really liked this sweater, but wasn’t in the market for a $200 price, which it was almost. So I passed quickly before I could really like it.

Burgundy Sweater

This isn’t anything unusual style-wise, but the cozy, soft knit and soft rose-burgundy color attracted me to it. The price is around $86.

Here’s a few views of this simple sweater. I like the straight silhouette and the vented sides. It’s super versatile – perfect with jeans and a great work-wear piece.

The sweater would look beautiful without the layering t-shirt under it, which gives it a more casual look. The v-neck would be highlighted and I’ll try it that way next.

I’m wearing my favorite AG brand jeans – you’ve seen these before. These are the Sateen Prima Cigarette Leg in Sulfur Harvest Olive. The fun and comfortable booties are Indigo Rd. that I bought at DSW last December for a steal.

I’m happy with the sweater I chose. I actually found two I liked with the “vibe” I had in mind. Check out sweater #2 next week!

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving outfit ideas, check out this post from last year – it’s still relevant: Thanksgiving . . . What to Wear, What to Wear?



  1. Marilyn
    November 3, 2017 / 7:53 am

    I really like that ceam colored sweater and it looked great on you. Would be a nice winter white piece for the Christmas holiday with forest green or burgundy jeans….
    Just in case you need justification to go back to that piece! Lol!
    Enjoying your posts!

    • November 3, 2017 / 8:16 am

      Thank you so much, Marilyn. Yes – I keep thinking about it. Now even more with your feedback!!! Hope all is well.

      xo Karen

    • Lynne
      November 7, 2017 / 9:58 am

      I was just thinking the same, Marilyn – Karen, get it! This was so timely for me, I found myself in the same sweater-shopping mode on Sunday. I’m into the colored jeans right now too, and recently bought a pair of forest green. I also bought two sweaters, both neutral to go with my colored jeans.

      • November 7, 2017 / 8:37 pm

        Well, Lynne and Marilyn, I did get the cream colored sweater! I found a parking place right in front of the store and it was my sign to go for it!!!

  2. Pamela
    November 3, 2017 / 8:32 am

    Where did you find the cowl neck sweater?
    Love the posts!!!!!

    • November 5, 2017 / 7:42 am

      Hi Pam, The cowl sweater is at J. Fermi in Petaluma!

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