Thanksgiving Outfit Essentials

Thanksgiving Outfit Essentials

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. If you haven’t already, it’s time to figure out your Thanksgiving outfit. It’s best to plan ahead so that you have covered all the bases for Thanksgiving outfit essentials. Really, this should be capitalized. Because it’s actually a thing. Thanksgiving Outfit Essentials. You’ve probably incorporated Thanksgiving Outfit Essentials into your Thanksgiving outfit many times in previous years but didn’t realize that you were following a few simple “Essentials” rules. There are three basic Thanksgiving Outfit Essentials rules:

1. Wear an Outfit That You Feel Good In
Black Asymmetrical Poncho with Stella & Dot Necklace

The very first Thanksgiving Outfit Essential to consider is what you have that you feel good wearing. Sometimes I make a mental list of possible outfits and other times I actually pull out from my closet the things that are “in the running” and hang them on the clothing rack that I have. That way I can actually see them, and it helps me decide what I want to wear. It may sound narcissistic, but the day will probably go better if you feel good about yourself. right? So wear something that you like and that is flattering! The outfit I’m wearing in the photo above works: I like how it looks on me and it’s comfortable too. The lightweight poncho gives me options – I can take it off indoors or, since it’s lightweight, I can keep it on as a part of the outfit or if I feel like I need another layer.

2. Wear An Outfit That Is Responsive to Temperature Variances
Hot Kitchen
Cold Weather

In my Thanksgiving experience, the day’s temperature is typically crisp and cool, while the kitchen is toasty. And the post-dinner outdoor walk can feel downright frigid. This pogo stick of cool to warm to hot to cold can create a styling dilemma for sure. What is the formula for the perfect Thanksgiving outfit? Layering, of course! It’s easy to style the perfect Thanksgiving ensemble.

3. Wear an Outfit that Will Be Comfortable After Dinner
Thanksgiving Dinner - Yum!

Okay, I am not going to pretend that by the end of my Thanksgiving meal my waistband isn’t feeling a tad more snug than it did before all the tasting began. A very important aspect of my Thanksgiving outfit is how comfortable I will be after having a little of this and a little of that. This is not the day I typically choose to wear form fitting tops and pants without a little stretch built in. You can still feel cute – just choose a comfy cute outfit. Incorporate a long, drapey top, or a loose sweater, or a cardigan topper. Note: I do realize that if I wear something a bit more figure conscious, I would probably be more attentive to how much I’m eating. But who wants to pick Thanksgiving as the day to do that?!

I’m still not sure what I’ll wear on Thanksgiving Day, but here are a few simple outfits that incorporate “Thanksgiving Outfit Essentials.” They all provide the option of layering either under the sweaters or over a lighter weight top. The longer length helps me feel comfortable at the end of the day when I’ve eaten just a bit more than I should have. When wearing a long or oversized sweater or top, you should wear a skinnier or close fit pant to balance the proportions. If both top and bottom are oversized or have a generous fit, it won’t be flattering and will probably make you look bigger or heavier than you are. The black pants I’m wearing in most of these looks are amazing! They have slim lines and enough stretch to make the SO comfy but they don’t stretch out with wear.

Thanksgiving Outfit - Jana Sweater Blue Wall
Jana Sweater in Oyster
Thanksgiving Outfit - Green Blouse in Corridor
Thanksgiving Outfit - Green Blouse
Thanksgiving Outfit - Brown Sweater
Thanksgiving Outfit - Brown Sweater at Bike Storage

The looks below are from some other recent posts. All the boxes are checked for Thanksgiving Outfit Essentials!

Silly Turkey Showing Thumbs Up

For additional Thanksgiving outfit inspiration, check out last year’s Thanksgiving outfit post: Thanksgiving . . . What to Wear, What to Wear.

I hope you and your loved ones enjoy a warm holiday together. Happy Thanksgiving!

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