Do You Poncho?

Do You Poncho?

I never thought of myself as a poncho person. Well, not since 1974. But here we are – everything old is new again. I’ve discovered the ponchos of the 21st century, and they’re pretty cool!

I think of the poncho as a style accessory, one that adds a layer of warmth while giving an outfit a little dimension. This works well for me since I’m usually cold in the office. Adding a coordinating poncho to your outfit makes layering fun!

This is a simple poncho design. Classic and classy. I love how it can be worn several ways, with an asymmetrical drape or with the hem straight. It’s lightweight but really keeps the chill away.

There are so many poncho styles available. And this time of year is the perfect poncho season.

I usually wear a jacket of some sort, but I like the variety that a poncho offers. It really becomes part of the style rather than merely an extra layer for warmth.

This blue poncho has an interesting pattern with lots of texture, giving it dimension. It’s a little whimsical but grounded by the classic shade.

Tan Poncho Rotate

Here’s a fun twist that combines the poncho and faux fur trends. It’s a great look that can be dressed up or down. I styled this cowl neck poncho with a casual vibe, but dressing it up with leggings and heels would really give it a luxe look.

Black Poncho at Cotati Train Station crop
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Want Some Inspiration? Check Out Celebrity Poncho Style

It’s always fun to check out how celebrities style looks because most of them use professional stylists to help them dress and shop. Get some style inspiration from celebrity poncho style here!


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