No-Show Socks for Flats and Slip-ons = Gekks

No-Show Socks for Flats and Slip-ons = Gekks

I’ve been searching for the perfect no-show socks for flats and slip-ons. I think I found it!

Most of the shoes we wear during the summer – slip-ons, flats, sneakers – are not meant to wear with socks. (Unless you don’t mind your socks showing.) Even in cold weather months, it’s become trendy to wear all kinds of shoes and booties sans socks. But . . . without socks, your feet get sweaty and can feel uncomfortable.

Making no-show socks work for flats and slip-ons is a problem. And I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed. I have tried a variety of “no-show” socks with my slip-ons and oxford style shoes. But they either do the opposite of no-show (i.e., they do show) or they don’t show but the heel of the sock crawls down and ends up bunched up under my heel or arch. I’ve never tried to wear any kind of sock with my ballet-style flats; it just looks OLD! I’m not going there! We love the look of cool shoes with no socks. What we don’t love is the dilemma of what to do about socks!

I’ve been intrigued for several months by Facebook ads for a product called “Gekks.” (Those Facebook ads are annoying until you find one that’s interesting!) I’ve clicked on the ad, explored the website, read the reviews . . . and passed on buying. Until a few weeks ago. This could be the answer to the dilemma of how to wear socks with shoe styles that aren’t designed for socks. So what was I waiting for?

I received my Gekks, inserted them into a few pairs of shoes, and . . . so far, so good. I think this is the fix!

Are you as interested in this as I am? If not, skip this week’s post; I’ll do something different next week. But if you’ve been wearing shoes without socks and not loving it or trying to make those dang no-show socks work, then sticking with this post could be worth your while.

Here’s my Gekks story.

No-Show Socks for Flats and Slip-ons = Gekks!

Gekks are designed for ballet flats, loafer styles, and sneakers/lace-ups, and you can buy these individual styles or a “Closet Pack” which includes all three. I went for the Closet Pack since I wanted to try Gekks in all three shoe styles (plus there was a sale on Closet Packs, and who can resist a sale?!). The regular price of a Closet Pack is $52.00, but they almost always have a $5 off deal (and free shipping) which makes the Closet Pack $47.

Gekks are made “using 99.9% pure silver yarns, made by permanently bonding naturally antimicrobial silver metal to the surface of nylon fiber.” This technology eliminates bacteria filled moisture from sweaty feet = no smelly shoes from going sockless!

There are two parts to Gekks:

  • Gekks Gripper
  • Gekks Sock
Gekks Gripper

The gripper adheres to the inside of your shoe with tacky, non-permanent adhesive. The gripper is very thin so as not to affect the fit of your shoe. It comes in two or three pieces: Two for ballet flats (heel and inside sole) and three for loafers/slip-ons and sneakers/lace-ups (heel, inside sole, and tongue). The other side of the gripper (the part that is exposed) is made of a very, very thin and low profile Velcro-like material (but much less “grabby” than Velcro).

Gekks Sock

The Gekks “sock” is a thin, stretchy sock with a permanently attached “fastening system” that allows the gripper to grab and hold the sock in place. The toe part of the sock is not affixed to the shoe, so when you put your bare foot into the shoe, you put your toes into the toe part which stretches to allow your foot to go all the way into your shoe without pulling the heel and insole part of the Gekks along with it.


Gekks are washable and can be moved between shoes. Grippers are sold individually for $2.50, so all you need to do is install grippers in the shoes you want to use with Gekks, and move the Gekks socks to the shoes you are wearing.

A few visuals:

  1. My Gekks Women’s Closet Pack right out of the shipping envelope
  2. What the Gekks look like when you take them out of the package
  3. My Dalmatian print flats with the heel and insole gripper inserted
  4. My flats with the Gekks sock inserted and adhered to the grippers (The “toe pocket” is where you insert your toes and the Gekks sock stretches as you insert your foot fully in the shoe.)

These two photos show:

  1. Gekks installed in a pair of loafers (have I mentioned I love animal print shoes?)
  2. Grippers installed in a pair of lace-up oxfords (note the tongue gripper)
What about Booties?

I love to wear booties in the fall and winter, usually with skinny jeans. I need socks for comfort and warmth, but I don’t want them to show. When I try to make a no-show sock work, they usually end up all scrunched up under my heel. I did try to install the loafer gripper into my favorite pair of booties. This particular pair doesn’t have a zipper, and I couldn’t get the gripper into the bootie without it sticking to itself. I’m hoping that Gekks has a solution in the works!

Summer Soles

In a past post I shared my love of Summer Soles. I use them in multiple pairs of shoes (check out the post here). They are amazing in so many ways, including solving sweaty feet issues and general comfort. They aren’t designed to solve the problem of shoe styles that need a pair of socks that don’t show. I still recommend them for shoes that are wearable without socks as the soft soles provide a lot of comfort.


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