Jewelry Can Spice Up Your Spring Outfits

Jewelry Can Spice Up Your Spring Outfits

There’s nothing that can perk up an outfit like jewelry! I have a pretty full collection of fashion jewelry. I’m not big on fine jewelry except for a few pieces like my wedding and engagement rings and a few others, but I think it’s fun to have a variety of affordable pieces that can influence the look of an outfit – or even represent a mood or attitude. Do you (like me) I look at the number of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings you have and wonder how a person can need more? Maybe it’s time to retire something old and add something new. It’s fun to refresh jewelry looks as the seasons change or find the perfect thing to go with a new outfit or a fun addition to make a vacation outfit feel festive.

I’ve shared with you over the months about some of my favorite jewelry lines (if you’re interested in becoming acquainted with them, I’ve linked them at the bottom of this post). And I’ve discovered a new one that is so much fun! I know a lot of you already know about Stella & Dot*, but I am a newcomer to the line and have been loving a couple of pieces that I purchased around the holidays.

What I love about the Stella & Dot line is that many of the pieces can be worn more than one way, so you end up with multiple looks from one piece. The best example of this is the Sutton necklace (I think it’s one of their most popular). Take a look at all the ways it can be worn. I’ve really been loving wearing mine to work (at a school), date night, and special occasions. It works for all those places because it can go from sparkly and dressy to casual, edgy, and a bit industrial (I have the mixed metal version but it’s also available in all silver or all gold metal). Take a look at this versatile piece of neckwear (it’s much more than just a necklace!):

How do you feel about statement necklaces? Although I’m not a big “statement necklace girl,” I’m seriously considering adding some big bling to my necklace wardrobe for some fun spring/summer looks. I generally like to keep summer jewelry simple – it’s just more comfortable in hot weather to wear lightweight jewelry. But when the evenings cool a bit, I’m thinking that a great statement necklace would really elevate a minimalist outfit.

What I also like about the Stella & Dot collection is that it includes beautiful, dainty, delicate styles as well as bold pieces. My other favorite (and,yes, I bought it!) is a delicate engraved necklace that I wear every day. It’s low profile enough to wear as a layering piece with other necklaces, and since I engraved the initials of my family on it, it’s something that feels close to my heart.

So while I’m not trying to sell you on Stella & Dot, it’s fresh in my mind because I just hosted a Stella & Dot trunk show this past weekend with my friend Nicole who’s a Stella & Dot stylist (that’s what they call their consultants). It was fun to have some girlfriends over for a glass of sparkling wine while we tried on the different pieces that were there just for us.

I get the feeling that many of us (how about you?) are chomping at the bit and are very ready for everything spring: warmer weather, longer days, brighter colors, shorter sleeves, sandals with painted toes peeking out, and fun jewelry.

Here’s something to think about: Have you considered that adding a few new necklaces, bracelets, or earrings can result in saving you money! “How can that be?” you ask. When you’re ready to break out the spring apparel, it’s really not necessary to buy a bunch of new clothes. You probably have a pretty full collection that may just need a couple of new additions, maybe bring in a new spring trend or replace something that’s ready for retirement. You know those spring clothes that are shoved WAY in the back of your closet behind all those dark, heavy winter things? Well, when you resurrect those brighter colors, white pants, and the sandals you’ve forgotten about, just imagine how new they will feel with a fun fresh piece of jewelry to give them a new twist.

This is a perfect time to put your Style Book app into service (read about it here). It’s your chance to be your own stylist and create some amazing new looks with only a few additions to your spring closet.

If you’d like to become acquainted with Stella & Dot, you can view the collection here. (This link goes to the site for my recent trunk show, which is still open for about two weeks. If you see something you love, feel free to place an order. The return policy is liberal, so you don’t have to feel like you’re taking a big risk.)

If you’d like to “window shop” fun fashion jewelry, here are some of my other favorite lines:


Have fun planning some great transitional or spring outfits from what you have in your closet. It’s not too early – Daylight Savings Time is only 10 days away!

*Stella & Dot, the jewelry company, and Dez & Dot, my blog, are completely unrelated endeavors.


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