Fun Spring Trends That Are Easy to Wear

Fun Spring Trends That Are Easy to Wear

I’m looking forward to trying some of this spring’s trends. I’d like to step outside of my comfort zone a bit. Typically, I’m about a year behind new trends. I like to see them on other people, and get used to a look before I decide I’m ready to integrate a new trend into my outfits. What about you? Are there some trends you’ve been looking forward to integrating into your outfits? Here are a few looks that are easy to add to your spring fashion.

Cold Shoulder

I’ve been intrigued by the “cold shoulder” look that I’ve been seeing in magazines and in fashion reports. This is a look that looks great on any age. Think about it: the shoulders are a part of the body that don’t really age. There are degrees of the cold shoulder style including off the shoulder tops or dresses, but this spring a popular variation is a peek of the shoulder that is exposed. I’m thinking of giving this look a try. (In fact, I’m awaiting my very first Stitch Fix shipment and have let the Stich Fix stylist know I’d like to try this look, so I’ll keep you posted!).

Graphic Tees

I love the idea of graphic tees – t-shirts that have designs or messages. They have been “in” for some time, and this spring they are still a fun and fresh look. There are graphic tees that I wouldn’t wear because the messages or look feels too young. But there are plenty of options that feel appropriate for my age. Graphic tees can be designs like stripes, geometric patterns, florals, messages, or “artsy” designs. There are a lot of unique and beautiful designs available from Etsy artists, as well as the department stores and boutiques.

Distressed Jeans

I have resisted this look for as long as it’s been a thing. But it just isn’t going away and is starting to seem cool, even to me. On a recent shopping outing, I decided to try on a pair of “abraided” jeans – they had cuts/rips at both knees. Aaack! It was a humbling experience: The rips gaped open just enough to frame the sag at the top of my knees. This wasn’t a look for me. However, I tried a pair that had slight abrasions in other areas – front hip, back pocket – and they were okay. I agreed with the sales person that the slight abrasions gave the jeans a current, up-to-date look without baring too much skin. Also, it’s easy to add a patch behind the abrasions to ensure there’s not more peeking through than I want. The patching would also save the distressed areas from further deterioration due to laundering.

Block Heels

I have two pairs of low heel sandals – okay, let’s call them block heels – that I’ve been hanging on to for maybe ten years waiting for them to be back in style. And it’s finally happened! Block heels is the new name for this trendy look this season: a blocky heel with a sandal or open toe front. This is a winner as it provides comfort along with fashion. This look is available in a variety of materials and patterns. I’m hoping that the ones that have been occupying valuable space in my closet for all these years can pass the “still looks in style” test!


This one is easy for me as I’m already pretty much obsessed with stripes. Stripes can work with most figures, so don’t be afraid to wear them. Stripes go in many directions, and diagonal stripes can be quite slimming. If you are considering horizontal stripes, focus on pieces that work where you want to draw attention, e.g., if your bottom half is fuller, you may want to look for horizontal stripes in a jacket or top which will help balance a smaller top half with your lower half. Another way to wear stripes, if you are worried about them making you look bigger, is to look for thin stripes that are place close together rather than a wide stripe pattern. Often, the “stripes rule” (i.e., makes me look fat) doesn’t apply at all because of the style of a garment. You really need to try on the striped item to determine whether or not the look is flattering. And if you’re not a fan of stripes on your tops or bottoms, don’t forget that accessories are a great way to integrate the trend – shoes, scarves, bags, hats – these are all fun ways to add stripes to your look.

March is within sight, which means that spring is around the corner. It’s fun to think about adding some new colors and looks!


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