Black Faux Suede Jacket

Black Faux Suede Jacket

This week I’m sharing a faux suede jacket. “Why?” you might ask, “She just posted a faux leather jacket last week.” I realize they are similar, but I really want to share the faux suede option, and it seems the best time (weather-wise) to do it. Plus, last week’s jacket was pink and faux leather and this week’s is black and faux suede, and that’s a huge difference!

Here’s how I ended up with a faux suede jacket when it wasn’t even on my radar:

It’s Black Friday weekend. I’m pulled into the Macy’s sale ad. The prices are intriguing. I see featured a faux leather jacket that I think I’d like (I’ve been keeping my eyes open for one – see last week’s post). I visit the Macy’s website and discover A LOT of faux leather and some faux suede jackets for hard-to-resist prices. So I decide to order several for the purpose of using them for a Dez & Dot post, after which I will return them or maybe keep one. The jackets arrive at my door – and I don’t like any of them. Except this black faux suede jacket. I’m not really in the market for a faux suede jacket. But I send the others back and hang on to this one. It hangs in my dressing room (I’ll tell you the dressing room story in another post) for almost 2 months while I contemplate whether it’s earned a place in my closet. Fast forward to now – it’s in!

Here are some of the reasons why I decided to keep it.

Black Faux Suede Jacket
The Black Faux Suede Jacket Deconstructed

This faux suede jacket is SO soft! I wish I could have recorded the unsolicited testimonials by two of my five year old friends at the school where I work who exclaimed, “it’s so soft!”

The softness gives the jacket a superior comfort factor that I haven’t experienced in real leather jackets. It’s easy to wear as a topper to any outfit and use it as an accessory rather than an outerwear piece.

Black Faux Suede Jacket + AG Jeans + Stripes

I love that this faux suede jacket is black. It seems that brown and tan are more prevalent colors when it comes to real or faux suede. And who doesn’t need a versatile black jacket – it’s a wardrobe staple.

This faux suede jacket has a nice cut, with a shirt tail type hem in the back. It dips down just a tad but enough to give it a little sassy style.

This jacket is no longer available at Macy’s (it’s Style & Co.), but if you’re interested in trying the faux suede look, there are some options below.

Black Faux Suede Jacket
Black Faux Suede Jacket Detail
Also My Favorite Jeans

I’m wearing my favorite brand of jeans – AG. This is the Farrah Skinny Ankle style. They are very comfortable, never lose their shape, and last a LONG time – it’s magic! I fear I am beginning to sound a bit like a broken record about my devotion to AG Jeans, but, truly, they are that good. Of course, I bought them on sale, as I do all my premium brand jeans. If you like premium or designer jeans but think they are out of reach, they aren’t if you watch for them to be on sale. I recommend trying on jeans in your local retailer before placing an online order when they go on sale so you know exactly your size in the brand. Often the best sales are “final sale.” And the best way to learn about sales is to sign up for your favorite brands’ e-newsletters.

And the Striped T-Shirt

I love stripes (I think I may have mentioned this lots of times). A black and white striped tee is a great neutral that’s a bit more than plain old neutral. This simple style that that I picked up at Gap on sale several months ago goes with every color. I always think of Paris when I wear it (how cliche, I know!).

Black Faux Suede Jacket and AG Jeans
Low Booties

These Eileen Fisher low booties are a purchase I made a LONG time ago – just at the end of summer. At the time, I wondered if it was a mistake since I didn’t really expect to be wearing them til spring – the light suede color didn’t seem practical for fall and winter. I wore them for the first time with this outfit on this spring-like day, and I love them! They are super comfortable and pretty versatile. The cutouts on the sides make them a perfect spring/summer bootie. I also appreciate the low cut profile as it avoids the problem of pants getting hung up on the top of the bootie – which seems to happen often with the combination of ankle height booties and narrow leg pants. Oh – and the nude color is a great neutral that also lengthens the leg.

Eileen Fisher Perry Booties
Eileen Fisher Perry Booties
Still on sale at 33% off and lots of sizes!
Theme Jewelry

Do you “theme” your jewelry? I like to create a style theme with my jewelry – not all the time, but often. I chose “circle” jewelry for this outfit to contrast with the lines/stripes in my top and then built the circle theme with my necklace (circle pendant), round hoop earrings, and circle design rubber bracelet. It becomes a bit of a fun game to style a jewelry ensemble with intention.

Black Faux Suede Jacket
Black Rubber Circle Bracelet from Barcelona!
Black Faux Suede Jacket
A Little Silliness

Just breaking up the photo session!

Black Faux Suede Jacket
Lucy ‘n Me

I had a fun afternoon in Santa Rosa (Sonoma County) on the weekend photographing this faux suede jacket post. It was an amazingly beautiful, spring-like day (I know I should be wishing for rain, but it’s hard not to appreciate the gift from Mother Nature of a glorious day). Along the way, I encountered the well-known fashionista, Lucy, friend (antagonist) of Charlie Brown. Santa Rosa, home of the late Charles Schulz and his wife Jean, is proud to be the “hometown” of the Peanuts gang. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and other 3-D Peanuts friends in took up residence all over Santa Rosa about 10 years ago (see newspaper excerpt below).

Just Lucy and Me
Me and Lucy Sharing Secrets
Lucy spreading the word about heart and stroke health

In addition to sharing a little girl time with Lucy – talking about clothes and jewelry – Lucy wants to spread the word about stroke and heart health (which have both affected my close family members), hence the informational necklace she was sporting this weekend (you can read it in the zoomed photo).

I had fun posing with Lucy, holding her hand, and sharing some secrets. An “only in Sonoma County” experience!

From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat Newspaper, 11/3/15:

Starting in 2005, the City of Santa Rosa commissioned local artists to create dozens of one-of-a-kind statues of the Peanuts gang; first with Charlie Brown, then Woodstock in 2006, Snoopy in 2007 and Lucy in 2010. The “Peanuts on Parade” project spawned the creation of 200 statues and raised more than $500,000, which was used to fund art scholarships and install permanent bronze Peanuts sculptures at three sites in town.

Although many of the sculptures were auctioned off, you can still see more than 70 statues on public display. Each character has its own unique color scheme and personality, depending on the organization or individual that commissioned the piece and the vision of the artist who decorated it.

The 5-foot-tall fiberglass statues are a lasting tribute to the late cartoonist Charles “Sparky” Schulz, who created Peanuts.”


Faux suede jackets and low booties!

One More Thing

This is random and has nothing to do with jackets or booties. I would like your input. It’s about writing and posting. I use a plugin on the back end of my website that automatically does a simple assessment of SEO and readability. Typically my posts don’t rate high on the readability scale, and it’s usually related to the complexity of the content/vocabulary and length of paragraphs or sentences.

I understand the formula for rating readability has to be fairly generic, but I think readers of Dez & Dot are pretty intelligent and appreciate the readability bar being a little higher than average or standard. I’d love to hear what you think. Are the posts too long or dense? Would you rather see mostly photos and less text? Let me know – I want to be targeting what you like.



    • February 17, 2018 / 8:42 am

      Thanks so much! I’ve been kind of a bootie freak this season!

  1. Jan
    February 10, 2018 / 3:33 pm

    Hi Karen!
    I have been meaning to write, and your request for input gave me the incentive! Please don’t pay too much attention to the readability tool.
    I think you are correct that your readers are intelligent and appreciate good writing. And you are a very good writer with a viewpoint and a style that will be lost in any effort to conform to a generic readability standard. You’re not writing corporate memos, you’re talking to friends (and family)!

    So keep on being you and sharing your ideas and discoveries!

    With love from your cousin Jan

    • February 17, 2018 / 8:41 am

      Hi Jan,

      It was great to hear from you!I so appreciate your following the blog and your feedback. It’s funny how many ways there are to stay connected to family.


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