Faux Fur Vest . . . and a Little About Statement Jeans

Faux Fur Vest . . . and a Little About Statement Jeans

I LOVE my faux fur vest! And I’m so happy that this fun, statement trend is going strong.

A faux fur vest is the perfect way to incorporate the faux fur trend without feeling too . . . over the top.

I’ve had mine for at least six years – purchased at a garage sale (from my sister-in-law). It’s Gap and is reversible – twill on the other side. But I’ve really only worn it on the faux fur side. It’s one of my favorite fun accessories.

I’d love to add another to my closet, multi-color would be my choice.

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for a faux fur vest, but you can also pull off the look in the warmer weather by pairing the vest with a tank or tee and shorts (if you wear them, which I don’t!) or skinny jeans.

A Word About Investment Jeans

Can we talk about these jeans for a minute? I love jeans and I really love premium jeans, or what I call investment jeans. It probably seems strange to call jeans an investment. But there really is a differences between premium/designer/investment jeans and less expensive jeans: fit and fabric.

Premium or designer jeans typically have enough stretch to make them super comfortable, and the right combination of the stretchy ingredient and the other fabrics allow the jeans to have memory and keep their perfect shape all through the wearing. Typically the placement of back pockets and the waistband design also play an important role in the awesome fit.

So about these jeans . . . These are Mother Denim, one of my two very favorite brands (the other is AG Jeans). These are SO soft and the waistbands on Mother jeans in general are comfortable in a way one would not expect with denim. Most Mother styles are in the $200 price range, but they do go on sale. And that’s my favorite way to buy them.

These Mother Denim jeans (style: Looker Ankle Fray) were on sale for $62!! Originally over $200! Are they worth $200? Well, I suppose it depends on your budget in one sense, but I can tell you that the denim that is priced at $100 and above is different. It wears longer, feels better, looks better, and lasts longer. So the trick is to find the brands you love, and always have your antenna up for sales. I’m excited to have a $200 pair of jeans that I bought for $62! Another note about these: This was a final sale – not returnable. It was a bit scary to order them, but since I’ve tried Mother Denim in different styles, I was pretty confident that I knew what size to order (I was right – phew!).

If you are a fan of premium denim, here’s a suggestion for being ready when your favorite brands go on sale.

  • Get to know your favorite brands ahead of time. Try on different styles. What’s your favorite style? Learn what size works best for you in the brand. You may wear different sizes in different styles, even in the same brand.
  • Sign up for your favorite brand’s e-newsletters or emails so that you are first to learn about sales and friends & family events.
  • Shop the sale items.
  • Also, always check other retailers that carry your favorite brands because they also offer sale prices on end of season styles or colors that are being discontinued.

A few more thing before we leave the premium jeans topic.

Wearing: Now that you have a pair (or more) of great jeans, WEAR THEM. All. The. Time. Don’t save them for special occasions. Wear them to a coffee date, wear them shopping, wear them to a movie. You spent good money on a good pair of jeans and you feel great wearing them, so wear them. I have learned from many mistakes that it doesn’t pay to save something you love to only wear occasionally and then decide that it is out of style or you don’t like it any more. Also, the more you wear it, the less the cost is per wearing (cost per wear formula is actually a thing!).

Your Perfect Fit: I’m not sure this is scientific, but it’s true (anecdotally) that after you’ve worn and washed your new jeans a few times, they begin to form to your figure. Your impression that your jeans fit better after you’ve had them a little while isn’t your imagination.

Laundering: Launder your jeans as infrequently as possible for longevity. Wash them inside out on the gentle cycle in cold water. After washing, keep them inside out and toss them in the dryer for 10 minutes on the low setting to relax wrinkles and soften creases. After 10 minutes, pull them out, turn them right side out, and hang them to dry. This will preserve the color and prevent aging.

So, although the theme of this post isn’t premium denim, I thought the topic was worth an exploration.

Check out Mother and AG:

At Nordstrom (lots of styles on sale): Mother Denim / AG Jeans

At Mother Denim: Sale

At AG Jeans

Bag by Coach

Although I’m not typically a big fan of Coach bags, I came across this one during the after Thanksgiving sale at a Coach factory store. A BIG sale. It holds everything I haul around, zips closed for security, and has just the right length handles to fit on my shoulder, plus a detachable long strap so I can wear it as a cross-body. I’m pretty happy with it, although I’m seriously considering purchasing a purse organizer insert to help keep my stuff organized.

SEE Eyewear

These are my new sunglasses (prescription) from my favorite “purveyor of the most eclectic eyewear in the country,” SEE Eyewear. I guess I really love the style, because these are really similar to my previous sunglasses – I thought about trying a totally different style, but when you find something that works, sometimes you just need to stick with it. Buying prescription sunglasses is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Even better, they are progressive lenses, so seeing far and close are always perfect.

SEE has locations all over the country. They carry a large range of styles, from the low key to very edgy, and styles in between, which is about where I fall. The cost is competitive with other multi-location eyewear retailers.

Back to Faux Fur Vests

If you haven’t given the faux fur vest trend a try, it’s the perfect season to jump in!

For inspiration, take a peek at some of the ways celebrities and fashion bloggers style faux fur vests here.

Ready to add one to your closet?  Shop faux fur vests at Nordstrom.

And a few other options below.



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