Fall Colors Wrap-Up

Fall Colors Wrap-Up

It’s the Fall Colors wrap-up (aka Fall Colors Part 3!). I had fun shopping my closet for pieces I have that are close to the 2017 Fall color trends. I decided to accessorize with the last three colors: Autumn Maple, Golden Lime, and Grenadine. (I always love the names and would love to have the job of creating color names!)

In addition to featuring the new colors from the palette in this post, I’m including a photo from the colors featured in the two previous 2017 Fall color trends posts.

Before we move to the color inspirations, let’s take another look at the Pantone 2017 top ten Fall color trends.

In the following three looks, the fall colors are featured in accessories. In each of the three looks, the basic outfit of white t-shirt, distressed skinny jeans, and taupe booties are the same. It’s easy to perk up a basic look by adding colored accessories.

Autumn Maple

To the basic white tee and jeans look, I added a brown jacket and a rich pashmina scarf inspired by the Autumn Maple color in the palette. It’s not a shade that I’m typically attracted to, but I think the richness of the color adds dimension to the outfit.

Golden Lime

The Golden Lime inspired scarf is not a go-to color for me, but I really like the contrast that it brings to a denim with denim look. It feels like a little bit of a surprise. (Uh oh, just noticed the creases in the scarf – aack! Did you see them before I brought it up?)


Grenadine. I’ve always called it red. Red is a good color for me, however, I don’t have a lot of red in my closet. This cardigan (from Target) is simple and classic in an attention getting shade. It perks up the basics without being too fancy.

And . . .  the other 2017 Fall colors . . .

(Check out the full posts here: Explore Fall Colors and Fall Colors – Part 2)

Tawny Port & Shaded Spruce

Ballet Slipper

Butter Rum & Marina/Navy Peony

Neutral Gray

It’s been a fun project to shop my closet for this fall’s color trends. It’s surprising to find that I’m able to match pretty closely what’s “new” this fall. Give it a try and you might be surprised too!

Our weather has been pretty summer-like for the past several weeks, and it’s not inspiring thoughts of fall fashion. But a change is coming and I think I’m ready to add something new! How about you?


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