Celebrity Style Crush Copycat Results
+ My Favorite Blogs

Celebrity Style Crush Copycat Results <br>+ My Favorite Blogs

As promised in last week’s post, I had some fun being inspired by a few celebrity looks. I posted six photos last week of  styled outfits, mostly worn by celebrities. The looks I chose were all very casual; that’s because my style is pretty casual. If you took on the challenge to find a few celebrity looks, then I assume you looked for fashion that feels comfortable for you, that matches your style. The fun of doing this is that, in most cases, the looks we see on celebrities are styled by professional stylists. So this is a way to polish up your look with the expertise of a real stylist

If you did this too and had fun with it, let me know. It would be great to see how others interpreted their celebrity crush looks, so send me your photos (selfies are great) to: karentarver@gmail.com with the subject My Celebrity Style Inspiration.

As you can see in the photos here, I used these looks as inspiration rather than copycatting them since I was using what I have in my own closet and adapting the style to my taste, shape, and age.

Celebrity Style Inspirations

This casual plaid shirt and jeans look that  Jessica Alba is wearing is a fun, weekend shopping or errand kind of look that I really like. I have only one plaid shirt and haven’t worn it much. My husband says that every time I wear it he’s reminded of Modern Family‘s Cam when he’s getting ready for a visit to the farm where he grew up! I just chalk up that “review” to his not knowing what’s in style for women! I styled my plaid shirt and jeans outfit with a lighter color jacket that picks up one of the colors in the shirt (not sure you can see that in this photo). My Louis Vuitton bag is the one my husband (then fiance) gave me for my 30th birthday –  it’s a classic!





I love wearing white and I love love leopard shoes (you may recall that I consider leopard shoes a must-have in my shoe wardrobe). I’ve  never worn them together in the way that Gigi Hadid is wearing them. I would love to have a long white coat similar to the one she’s wearing. My friend has one that I kind of lust after. I guess that’s a sign that I should be on the lookout for a great white coat! I think this is a really fresh look and gives the leopard shoes the stage.



I am a big fan of Jennifer Aniston’s simple, clean-lines style. I chose this outfit photo because I have a pair of olive green khakis that look almost exactly like the ones she is wearing. I styled the pants two ways: in the first photo I tried to get close to what she’s wearing. But then I thought the combination of the dark blazer and white tennies looked odd because the jacket and scarf she’s wearing says winter but the white canvas tennis shoes say spring. Not sure who styled this outfit for her – maybe she needed a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in! So I decided to style the khakis with a little more spring in the look by swapping the jacket for a 3/4 sleeve cardigan and a darker pair of canvas shoes – still very casual (both pairs of slip-on canvas shoes that I’m wearing are from one of my favorite brands, Bucketfeet).



It’s hard not to pay attention to what Kate Middleton wears. This is a super casual look – classic and trendy at the same time. Since her colored denim is just about the exact color as  my new Level 99 denims that I received in my first Stitch Fix box, I decided to use her look to inspire. I paired mine with a soft gray cardian instead of a blazer – I’m not much of a blazer wearer. It looks like she’s wearing pumps – I chose my super comfy and stylish gray camo Rothy’s.



This look is one I found that gave me an idea of how to wear my sexy purple high heel booties by Melissa (Melissa shoes are made of a particular type of PVC – these booties have a flocked outside, almost like suede). Since my style is very casual, I like that the high heel booties are paired with skinny jeans. For a dressier look, they’d also look great with dressy pants. They’d also work with a skirt or dress, but I don’t think I’d wear them that way. I’m wearing my Stella & Dot Sutton necklace – I just love it because there are 5 separate ways it can be worn!



I had been wanting a silvery pair of loafers or flats for a long time and fell in love with these pewter oxfords in the clearance section (actually it’s a whole floor) of DSW in San Francisco in December. I think I paid $35 for them – which is perfect for something that’s very trendy. I love love love them! I wouldn’t have thought to wear them with leggings but the coated or leather skinnies that Olivia Palermo is wearing inspired me to try mine with a pair of black leggings and my Chico’s no-iron long shirt. I decided to see how it the ensemble would look if I threw on a scarf – I think I like it better.



Recommended Blogs

Another great place for style inspiration: Blogs. You may already have some favorites that you follow. I do. (I’d love to know who you love.) Here are some of my favorites. It’s great to see how fashion-conscious women interpret styles so they work for their body types.

Jo-Lynne Shane

Jo-Lynne is a 40-something blogger who features a styled outfit every day! She’s regular person with a family who keeps followers up-to-date with information about sales as well as everyday in-style outfit.

Missus Smarty Pants

I’ve been a fan of this blogger for some years. Leslie offers fashion advice that is focused on women over 40 and also has a system for identifying your body type and then has suggested clothes for the different body types. I especially like that she shops at all different types of stores from department stores and boutiques to Target and thrift stores, so she has suggestions that work for all budgets.


Caroline’s blog is fun to read (she’s an engaging writer). She’s in her early 30’s and focuses on minimalist dressing. She spent about a year (maybe more) using a capsule wardrobe. I’ve learned a lot from reading her blog. My most recent takeaway is a clothing rack she uses – I ordered it from Amazon and it should arrive today!

Hot and Flashy

Angie has a great blog (lots of videos) for women over 50 that covers everything from makeup to skincare to fashion. I really like her.

40 + Style

Sylvia has a very comprehensive website for women over 40 that give lots of advice as well as style guides and courses.

Grown and Curvy Woman

Georgette is an over 40 “curvy woman seeking to show other plus size divas that WE too have style and DO NOT need to compromise our integrity to look good.” It’s really great to see the creativity she uses and the fun she has with trends, color and overall fashion – no matter the size.

Not Dressed as Lamb

I really like this blog. Catherine’s motto: “Who wants to be ‘age appropriate’ anyway?” She’s over 40 and has a very fun fashion sense and a lot of great insights and ideas to share.

Wardrobe Oxygen

Alison Gary is Wardrobe Oxygen and provides “real life fashion advice for women.” She’s an over 40 wife, mom and full-time corporate worker with a background in personal styling and visual merchandising. Her fun fashion style for plus-size and other body types is refreshing. She also talks about beauty products.

JLJ Back to Classic

Janis shares about timeless, understated style and wholesome beauty and self care. Her style is simple and classic.


And More  . . .

If you’d like to explore other blogs, here is where you can find 15 blogs for women over 40, with a brief description of their personality and focus.


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