I purchased my first pair of coated denim jeans during the holiday shopping season - when I was NOT shopping for myself! They were marked at 50% off, and when I found out that the store's very generous return policy doesn't have a time limit, I decided to take them home and "decide later." (I know you do stuff like that too. I'm not the only one. Right?) So I'm finally getting around to giving them a test drive after postponing the keep or return decision for over a month. I have always loved the look of leather jeans. But the cost! Coated denim is a way to get the… View Post

This week I'm sharing a faux suede jacket. "Why?" you might ask, "She just posted a faux leather jacket last week." I realize they are similar, but I really want to share the faux suede option, and it seems the best time (weather-wise) to do it. Plus, last week's jacket was pink and faux leather and this week's is black and faux suede, and that's a huge difference! Here's how I ended up with a faux suede jacket when it wasn't even on my radar: It's Black Friday weekend. I'm pulled into the Macy's sale ad. The prices are intriguing. I see featured a faux leather jacket that I think… View Post

I've been searching for the perfect no-show socks for flats and slip-ons. I think I found it! Most of the shoes we wear during the summer - slip-ons, flats, sneakers - are not meant to wear with socks. (Unless you don't mind your socks showing.) Even in cold weather months, it’s become trendy to wear all kinds of shoes and booties sans socks. But . . . without socks, your feet get sweaty and can feel uncomfortable. Making no-show socks work for flats and slip-ons is a problem. And I know I'm not the only one who's noticed. I have tried a variety of "no-show" socks with my slip-ons and… View Post