Black Friday. It means only one thing. The holiday shopping season has arrived - ready or not. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite e-tailers. The products offered might not be perfect for all the people on your gift list this season, but you might get some fun ideas for your wish list. Some of these e-tailers have Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sales. Some of them offer sales only once a year, like TKEES, whose once-a-year sale I stumbled on while writing this post (yep - ordered two). All of the sites included in this post offer much more than the few… View Post

I mentioned last week that we were heading out for our annual trip to the Monterey Jazz Festival. There are many wonderful things to experience on that weekend, not the least of which is the music. But a highlight of my visit each year is doing a little shopping at my favorite festival boutique, Gerie's Fashion Closet. (Check out my Monterey Musings post from our Monterey Jazz Festival trip last year - and what I bought from Gerie.) This year I found a fun accessory, Dona Bela Shreds, and although I felt a bit hesitant to leap into this "trend setting" look, I decided to be bold and give it… View Post

I've been pretty excited about a mascara I discovered somewhat recently. I've been using Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara for about three weeks. I really liked it the first few days I was testing it, but I didn't want to share and exclaim over it until I'd had a little more time to test drive it. I did a mascara review in June and I hadn't planned on doing another quite this soon. But I've been pretty happy with this brand - one I hadn't known about until Facebook ads wouldn't leave me alone. I thought you  might like to know about it too. And this review is complete… View Post

 It’s that time of year . . . Looking for some unique gift ideas? You’re at the right place! Check out Dez & Dot’s list of Unique Holiday Gifts. Happy holidays and happy shopping! PS Let me know what you like or didn’t. It will help me with future curated lists. Thanks! Save Save

Since I’ve committed to a “shop-free” three months (remember last week’s post, My Clothes Shopping Diet?), I’ve been paying closer attention to what’s already in my closet, and I’ve realized that I have a variety of some pretty nice things. I’ve also realized that I’m not using many of those items to their maximum advantage. That realization gave me a little inspiration to really look at what I have and come up with a plan for using those pieces better, especially since I do enjoy figuring out how to mix the different pieces I have in ways that I haven’t tried before.  Usually I do this in my head –… View Post

First: The Rant Okay. I’m sorry. But I need to go on a short rant about wearing yoga pants and workout leggings as regular pants. No! Really! I just don’t understand how people think that yoga pants and workout leggings are appropriate for street wear. I even see women wearing versions of this attire that are pretty see-through when they are out and about in the bright daylight. I think (I hope) if they realized this, they’d be dismayed. I get it – exercise wear is super comfortable, and it’s easy to throw on. But, truthfully, it’s not the most flattering look on most of us. I know there are… View Post

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Liquid Metal Jewelry for more than a few years. When I wear my favorite pieces, invariably people have two reactions: “I LOVE your bracelet. Where did you get it?” or “I LOVE Liquid Metal – I have that bracelet too!” Obviously, the common thread here is: Pretty much everyone LOVES Liquid Metal Jewelry. If this line of beautiful, unique, and fun jewelry is new to you, let me introduce you! To quote the creator and manufacturer: “The concept was born in 1991, when Sergio Gutierrez welded strands of industrial ball chain together. What emerged was an innovative new medium: structural mesh transmuted into an… View Post

I come from a long line of women who have never gone gray. Well, maybe not a long line, but at least a line. My grandmother, who lived until the age of 93, did not have gray hair even on her last day. I’ve never seen my mother with anything but dark hair, and I am confident I never will. And I, like them, plan to be a “natural” brunette forever. I really admire those silver-haired beauties who look stunningly elegant. But that’s just not me. Maybe I’m hanging on to the illusion of youth by a thread, but I’m not ready to let go. So I include my hair… View Post

Summer shoe season is here! I can hear a chorus of cheers out there. It’s likely that what you are wearing on your feet during the warm weather season are sandals, open wedges, canvas shoes, and slip-ons – all those fun styles that require a sockless foot. And as much as I may not want admit to and share this unpleasant secret, the fact is the combo of bare feet on shoe and sandal insoles often create an uncomfortable sticky and sweaty marriage. It drives me crazy. But more times than not, I’ve grinned and beared it for the sake of a cute pair of summer shoes! Until . .… View Post

I’ve embraced the maxi skirt trend for the past couple of years during the warmer months of spring and summer – especially as my shorts-wearing days are dwindling. Two summers ago, as I was searching the web for the ideal maxi skirt – not too clingy, youthful, versatile enough for casual or dressy occasions – I stumbled on a maxi skirt among a sea of maxi skirts on the Nordstrom website. It looked like it might fit the bill – and it was on sale (yay!!). So, I ordered it in a vivid and striking royal blue. (Scroll down to find it linked below.) It was GREAT! Every time I… View Post