I've been pretty excited about a mascara I discovered somewhat recently. I've been using Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara for about three weeks. I really liked it the first few days I was testing it, but I didn't want to share and exclaim over it until I'd had a little more time to test drive it. I did a mascara review in June and I hadn't planned on doing another quite this soon. But I've been pretty happy with this brand - one I hadn't known about until Facebook ads wouldn't leave me alone. I thought you  might like to know about it too. And this review is complete… View Post

I love makeup. It’s playtime, art, and fashion all at the same time. I feel undressed if I am not wearing makeup. Even when I am dressed down, I like to use a little mascara. A bit of mascara helps create a finished look and lets my eyes stand out with a frame of standout lashes. Because I've been wondering how much of a difference there really is between some of my favorite brands, I decided to do a mascara review. I’ve been experimenting over the past eight weeks with a few different mascara brands – using a different one each day to make comparisons and be able to articulate… View Post

As spring is unfolding, we are (finally) beginning to emerge from our winter hibernation. We are incorporating more color into our outfits, we may be adding highlights to our hair, there is more light everywhere. It feels like it’s time to brighten and define. Here are a few spring beauty tips to help you get ready for the beautiful, bright spring season. Incorporate a Little Glow If your skin has lost its natural dewy and glowy luminance (pretty much true for any of us who are over 30), giving it a little artificial glow may be in order. A number of highlighting products are available to help you look radiant.… View Post

With Christmas and Hanukkah only a few days away, I’m guessing that most of us are very busy with work, family, shopping, meal prepping. Who has time for a long read?! With that in mind, here’s some light and quick, holiday-focused fun. You’re welcome! You can spend just a bit of time on each separate section here (less than 5 minutes each), or take it in all at once. I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday in whatever way you celebrate. So here we go: Holiday Beauty – Strobing, It’s All About the Light Let’s start with a little holiday beauty glow. I’m a fan of highlighting… View Post

I think it’s pretty much true for most of us – we could use a little brightening. A little luminance, no matter what age we are, is flattering. It’s that “youthful” glow. And, unfortunately, as we age, the glow dims a bit. However, there are subtle tricks we can use with makeup to bring that luminosity back – and it doesn’t take very long to do it. I highlight as part of my regular makeup routine. That’s a little different from contouring. I don’t contour my face. I know that when there are articles or videos about highlighting, contouring is also included. Contouring involves applying a darker shade than your… View Post

Downloadable FREEBIE! Dez & Dot Eyebrow Cheat Sheet There’s one sure thing about eyebrow trends – they are ever changing! From thin to thick, from penciled to natural, eyebrow “style” has run the gamut over the years. And one thing we can be pretty sure of is that what’s in vogue today will change. The great thing about that is that we are the artists when it comes to our eyebrow shape. I will confess that I’m a little hyper-focused on my eyebrows. Every day I use a large magnifying mirror (I’ve nicknamed it “the scary mirror”) to find even the tiniest eyebrow hairs that are sprouting where they don’t… View Post