Putting together outfits each day can be fun and creative . . . or it can be overwhelming. Styling a “look,” whether you are headed to work or school, driving the kids to their activities, or going for a fun outing, doesn’t have to be complicated. You can walk out the door every day and feel confident, comfortable, and chic. To simplify creating great outfits, use a formula. It’s simple and can eliminate some of the frustration that we sometimes face when we’d like to look like we have our own stylist. Formula = Basic + Interest + Completer + Accessories

Last Sunday evening I attended a fundraising event. The fundraiser, Dear Jazzy, was in support of a local family and was similar to those many of us have known about or attended in our communities. While I was there and visiting with some people I hadn’t seen in a long time, I mentioned that I’d started writing a blog. The husband said, “Maybe you can write about tonight.” I’d been trying to come up with a Thanksgiving-appropriate blog topic, and I thought this was a great idea. So here’s the Dear Jazzy story. Jazzlin, or Jazzy, is eight years old. Although I’ve met her, I don’t really know her. I… View Post

Last week I took a trip to San Francisco City Hall to obtain copies of the marriage certificates of my grandparents and my parents. This was the next-to-last-piece of a project my daughter Lauren and I have been working on for about a year, collecting the vital records of four generations on my dad’s side of the family – birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates. This project, and especially the trip to SF City Hall, has had me thinking a lot over the past week about connections to the past. Who were the people that came before me . . . what impact has that had on the life… View Post

Check out below how I’m doing on my clothes shopping diet.   I’ve recently returned from two back-to-back trips. Both required packing for air travel, so I didn’t have the luxury of doing too much over-packing (which I have a habit of doing!). The trips were completely different – a music festival in the Southern California desert where the temperature was 100+ degrees and a stay in New York City with pleasant fall weather in the mid-60’s. Fortunately, I had two days between trips, so I did not have to try to pack for both in one suitcase! Still, my dilemma was trying to choose the most space-efficient method of… View Post

Those dang accessories! There are so many and they are so small. Keeping track of them can be a bit of a challenge. And storing them in a way that makes them accessible and keeps them front and center so you actually use them is, to me, the secret to successful accessorizing. I’ll admit that I’m always on the search for the perfect solution for storing and organizing my various accessories – necklaces, bracelets, scarves, earrings, purses. There are so many places to find ideas for accessory storage and organization – Pinterest probably includes every storage option in existence! I’ve tried a few (or more) ideas and have incorporated what… View Post

Okay – this is a little scary for me. I going to make a vow to myself. But in order for me to take this seriously, I need to be accountable to someone (that’s just how it works for me). So I’m going to be accountable to you. I hope that’s alright. My vow, commitment, promise – challenge: I am not going to buy any new clothes for the next three months. That means: Through. The. End. Of. The. Year. Until 2017. I feel my resolve weakening as I write these words. It’s not that I’m a shopaholic or anything. But, I’ll admit that I do like to shop. It’s… View Post

First: The Rant Okay. I’m sorry. But I need to go on a short rant about wearing yoga pants and workout leggings as regular pants. No! Really! I just don’t understand how people think that yoga pants and workout leggings are appropriate for street wear. I even see women wearing versions of this attire that are pretty see-through when they are out and about in the bright daylight. I think (I hope) if they realized this, they’d be dismayed. I get it – exercise wear is super comfortable, and it’s easy to throw on. But, truthfully, it’s not the most flattering look on most of us. I know there are… View Post

Have you discovered The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing? When I first heard of this decluttering/organizing method, I was intrigued. I’m always interested in learning about the possible “perfect” method of organizing. After many internet searches trying to find out why this book was creating such a buzz, I decided that I’d need to buy the book to really learn what it was all about. The “KariMon Method” (a mash up of the name of Marie Kondo, Japanese organizing consultant and author of the book), in a nutshell, includes: Decluttering is done by category rather than location, i.e., instead of decluttering one room… View Post

I recently celebrated a birthday and added another mark on the timeline of my life. The number that is my age broadcasts things like: NOT YOUNG ANYMORE SLOWING DOWN GROWN UP AGING But I don’t feel my number. My number doesn’t match who I am inside my head. My number makes me feel old when I say it. I’m in a bit of a battle with my number: My number keeps telling me every day that it’s real; my mind continues to resist and push back and tell my number, “YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” Many years ago my dad observed that he believed that each person in his mind is… View Post

I came across this essay years ago. I think my mother sent it to me, or maybe I read it in a magazine. I can see it in my mind on a page of print that had been torn out from some publication. It was the kind of thing that you read and know you want to save forever. And then, it disappeared. I was really sad about that, because I really had wanted to save it forever. Then I found it again just the other day – in a Facebook post that floated into my newsfeed the way random things do. I looked for a version I could copy… View Post