It's such a cliche to talk about working out and workout wear right at the beginning of a new year. It's all mixed up with New Year resolutions and turning over a new leaf, etc., etc., etc. It's unoriginal. In spite of that, I'm committed to incorporating exercise into regular my routine and believe that it's something I need to continue to prioritize. That requires revisiting how to support that habit all the time. And the start of a new year offers the opportunity to evaluate and recommit. I have begun this new year with some some goals (not calling them resolutions!), one of which is fitness related. I always… View Post

I have been thinking over the past few years about how to keep my body healthy and fit so that I can be active as I get older. If I'm thinking about this, maybe you are too. While it’s a lot of fun talking every week about clothes, trends, and makeup, it's important to talk about what can keep us healthy and positively affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. For me, being consistent about fitness is always an advance-and-retreat game. I'm committed for a period of time, and then I fall out of the habit. I don't think that's very unusual for most of us. But it is SO important… View Post