I mentioned last week that we were heading out for our annual trip to the Monterey Jazz Festival. There are many wonderful things to experience on that weekend, not the least of which is the music. But a highlight of my visit each year is doing a little shopping at my favorite festival boutique, Gerie's Fashion Closet. (Check out my Monterey Musings post from our Monterey Jazz Festival trip last year - and what I bought from Gerie.) This year I found a fun accessory, Dona Bela Shreds, and although I felt a bit hesitant to leap into this "trend setting" look, I decided to be bold and give it… View Post

It's a perfect time of year for turquoise and black. Here we are. The in-between season. We aren't ready turn our backs on summer quite yet (at least I'm not), and the turquoise and black combination is a fun way to transition from summer to fall. I used to think of turquoise two ways: A summer color A color to wear with white But . . . neither of those is true. Hallelujah! We have choices. We can wear color when we want to wear it. We can pair colors that we used to think we couldn't. (Interested in pushing your envelope a little color-wise? Check out my post, Be… View Post

Coat season is just over the horizon. It has me thinking a lot about my pink coat - maybe I should say my pink statement coat. I happened upon this hot pink coat in a boutique in the Sonoma County town of Healdsburg about eight years ago. It was on sale for a "can't pass it up" price. It was one of those things. You know those things. The thing that isn't on any list of "needs" or "must haves" or even remotely on your radar. And then . . . there it is! It's a must have! Thinking about wool coats when we are still experiencing summer weather is… View Post

I love leopard print shoes, especially leopard print loafers. I consider them a staple of my shoe wardrobe. If I don't have at least one pair, it feels like an important style piece is missing. Oh, and I use them as a neutral accessory staple. "Leopard print is neutral???!!!" you may be saying to yourself. Yep. It is a fun print that you can incorporate into a variety of outfits and mix with almost any color. Check out a few looks that I styled here (and a few I borrowed - see my note below). I hope you feel inspired to have some fun and try incorporating leopard into your… View Post

I spotted a  white kimono duster during a summer shopping trip at Uniqlo. I was attracted to it for two reasons. One: It was on sale for $19.99. Two: I had swimwear on my mind because my girls weekend was just a few weeks away and it seemed like a great swimsuit cover-up. I've seen the kimono duster look online usually styled with casual jeans, pants, or shorts (on younger gals), and it intrigued me. It was a bit out of my comfort zone, but it's fun to push our own fashion envelopes now and then. So I took it home. The kimono duster has now been hanging in my… View Post

This blue gingham jacket was an impulse purchase. I wasn't looking for a blue gingham jacket. Truthfully, I bought it to use in a photo for my post about what to wear with summer dresses when evenings cool down, and then I was going to return it. But there was something about it . . . and I decided to keep it. You've seen it before. As I mentioned, I used it in the summer dress photo. I think it was a fun pairing with the gingham print jacket and fine striping on the dress. Now that the gingham jacket is hanging in my closet, I've been wondering how I… View Post

I've been searching for a cold shoulder top since early spring. And whining a little bit because I couldn't find one that I liked (well, maybe not to you, but to everyone else). Suddenly, as summer begins to wind down (ughh - I can't believe I'm actually saying that), I feel like I'm seeing more cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder top styles in stores, which seems a bit odd actually. Aren't the cold shoulder look, and certainly the off-the-shoulder style, more suited to spring and summer? It could be that it's just one of those situations where I'm hyper aware and noticing the cold shoulder/off-the-shoulder looks as opposed to there actually… View Post

The long summer dress - a perfect way to be stylishly cool on high temperature days. And when evening chill moves in, add a coordinating topper to keep you and your look warm. Dresses are a summer wardrobe staple. They are feminine, they help keep us cool in the heat, and there are SO MANY styles and variations. As I've moved through the years, the summer dress styles I've chosen have changed. The style I'm most comfortable wearing at this time of my life are long summer dresses - at or below the knee lengths to full-length maxi styles. Simple and Versatile T-Shirt Dress This simple black t-shirt style maxi… View Post

I love jeans, and I'd wear them every day if I could. Your jeans style can take you from super casual to dressed up for a night on the town. It's all in how you create your look with complementary pieces of clothing and accessories. It's easy and it's fun! Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to build your jeans style to be versatile and classy. Think of every jeans purchase as an investment. This might sound strange and you might need a minute to wrap your head around this idea. But there really is a difference between $100+ jeans and jeans that are priced… View Post

So it’s here. Swimsuit season. Summer has officially begun, and whether you love being poolside or prefer the sand and surf, chances are you’ll be donning a swimsuit sometime this summer. A swimsuit cover up is a must to complete your “swim ensemble.” What's Your Swimsuit Cover Style? If your idea of a swimsuit cover up is wrapping a beach towel around you, then we need to talk! Swimsuit cover ups serve a purpose in a utilitarian sense, sure, but they can also be a great style accessory to add to your swimsuit. In my younger days I usually opted for a pair of cutoff jeans as a “cover up”… View Post