Black, White & Brown with Dona Bela Shreds

Black, White & Brown with Dona Bela Shreds

I mentioned last week that we were heading out for our annual trip to the Monterey Jazz Festival. There are many wonderful things to experience on that weekend, not the least of which is the music. But a highlight of my visit each year is doing a little shopping at my favorite festival boutique, Gerie’s Fashion Closet. (Check out my Monterey Musings post from our Monterey Jazz Festival trip last year – and what I bought from Gerie.)

This year I found a fun accessory, Dona Bela Shreds, and although I felt a bit hesitant to leap into this “trend setting” look, I decided to be bold and give it a try!

Dona Bela Shreds are neckwear accessories that use upcycled textile remnants designed into unique, one-of-a-kind creations. I chose a black and white design, since it’s a color combo I use often and also because I found the contrast between the colors striking.

It was easy to style my Fiona Shred (the name of the particular design I have) with a black and white outfit. But it seemed a little, well, safe. So I threw on a light brown jacket to give the look a little dimension (I want to call the color sable, but I think I invented that color description because when I Google it, it doesn’t look like my jacket). It wasn’t a risky color combo, but it created a rich look.

Also, the jacket topper prevented the white top and black pants pairing from making me look like a caterer (something a friend pointed out to me some years ago – I’ve never really been able to wear a white top with black pants since!). And the rich brown color of the jacket next to the black pants is reminiscent of the dream sports car I planned on having when I was 20-something: black, shiny, sporty body with a dark tan, convertible top. (I never did have that car.)

Fringe close

The Dona Bela Shred is easy to wear. It’s not neckwear that I’d use to keep warm (like a scarf), but it has a fun, scarf-like look. The temp was in the low to mid 70’s on the day I wore it, and it didn’t feel too warm or at all bothersome. I didn’t wear a long necklace as I think the two would have become tangled, but I did keep on my almost every-day short necklaces.

Gerie’s website ( doesn’t show these Dona Bela Shreds yet, but they will be on the site in the near future if you are intrigued. Other colors are available, as well as a couple of other designs (that aren’t so fringe-y). I want to support Gerie, of course, however, if the look is something you love and you are desperate to have one, check them out at Dona Bela Shreds. The retail price is from $26-$38.

A quick note about what else I’m wearing that I love. The wedge sandals are my favorites (I have three pairs in different colors) by Eric Michael. They are super comfortable. I’ve linked them here to Amazon because – why not?! I purchased mine from a local boutique but paid more for them (darn!).

The earrings are from my favorite line of Liquid Metal Jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez that I always buy from Objects of Beauty (great customer service and there is a retail shop in Duncans Mills, California, Russian River country). (Side note about LMJ – my husband and I are finally watching the Breaking Bad series and loving it. Skyler seems to love LMJ also as in multiple episodes she is wearing two LMJ bracelets together. A great look, by the way.)

The brown jacket and black pants are also previous purchases from Gerie’s Fashion Closet – I guess she’s really dressing me!



All of the items in this post except for the neckwear are right out of my closet. It’s fun to take on the challenge of styling what you already have to see what you can create!



  1. Edie
    February 12, 2018 / 10:34 am

    Dear Karen, I am a good friend of your cousin Marilyn! She recommended your post a while back when I was struggling with my style. I’ve had a very busy fall (sent my last child off to college and hit the road to travel and do the things I’ve had on the back burner) so I have been saving your blog to read when I had time. I’m just now reading through your posts and thoroughly enjoying them! I read your most recent in February and you asked for feedback and I am happy to do that. I’m currently on the “Black, White & Brown with Dona Bela Shreds”. This post inspired me to write you. I love this outfit – it look wonderful on you and I like the simplicity while still saying “I’m pulled together – I thought about what I’m wearing”. Your overall blog is hitting the mark for me. I like how you show photos of yourself out in the world and not a “selfie” in your bedroom with a full length mirror (which is what my 20-somethings would do in Instagram). I think the amount of written description is about right. I like how you explain your decisions and I LIKE how you include a story! I am thoroughly enjoying catching up on what you have posted these last months and I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming posts so I can enjoy what you are suggesting for the current season. Looking at what you are choosing to wear has inspired me to think about what I put on a little more.

    • February 17, 2018 / 8:40 am

      Hello Edie,

      I want to thank you so much for your note about the Dez & Dot blog. It really means a lot to me to hear that what I’ve been sharing on Dez & Dot has had an impact for you. Your note had such great timing for me as I’ve been really thinking about the reason I’m doing the blog and the time that’s involved and whether I should keep doing it. I do enjoy it as a hobby and it’s a way for me to have fun with my love of clothes and makeup (and shopping!). To me putting outfits together each day is kind of an artistic expression and a way to have a little fun with what I’m presenting to the world. I will admit that I take LOTS of photos for the posts and choose a few that are the most flattering. Believe me, there are more that I trash right away!

      Anyway, please know that your note has really meant a lot to me. And thanks to Marilyn for sharing the blog with you (love her!).

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