Black Swing Coat by Indigenous

Black Swing Coat by Indigenous

How fun! A swing coat. I kind of have a thing for coats and jackets with flair – something a little different in style or color (as evidenced in my pink coat post!). Not that the swing coat is a new trend. The swing coat is iconic. Originally designed to cover full skirts and dresses, it’s just a stylish today as it was in the 1940s and ’50s. The style, fitted through the shoulders, flares from there. Length can range from above the knee to longer.

I happened upon this recent acquisition during the November friends and family sale by Indigenous. I was recently introduced to Indigenous by a friend, and I’m becoming a fan! Indigenous Organic + Fair Trade Fashion is a company local to me in Sebastopol, California. The quality of the fair trade fashion for women and men is beautiful. You’ll pay more than you pay for “disposable fashion” that we find in many of the common retailers, but it’s a good feeling to support fair trade retailers who contribute to paying a living wage and treat workers fairly.

A note for those of us local to Petaluma, California: Indigenous has opened its first retail location: a pop-up shop that is scheduled to stay until February. There’s talk that it could become permanent. The pop-up shop features prices slashed WAY below retail, and I recommend you stop in to browse.

Lightweight and Warm

This black swing coat is made from boiled wool. Boiled wool is a special type of fabric created by a process of agitating the woven or knit wool fabric in hot water. This process results in shrinking or compressing and interlocking the fibers into a tight, felt-like mass.

I love that this coat is lightweight but very warm.

A Bit of Whimsy

This short swing coat is a bit whimsical, with the neutral black color giving it a bit of a classic vibe at the same time. It’s a great style to wear with skinny pants as it follows the rule of mixing something full with something close fitting. The fullness of the coat balances and flatters the slim silhouette of the skinny jeans.

Black Indigenous Swing Coat on path
Black Indigenous Swing Coat Back View
Black Indigenous Swing Coat
Intrigued by the Style?

Below are a few swing coat styles that I found in retail land.

I didn’t go out looking for a swing coat, but when I stumbled on this one at 50% off regular retail, I couldn’t resist nabbing it. Sometimes when you come across something unique, even though you may not have had it on your list of what to add to your wardrobe, it’s worth the purchase. It’s key in these cases is to really consider if the item is something you will wear and to think about how you can integrate it with what you already have.

Because the length of this coat is short, I know I’ll use it a lot because it is a perfect casual topper.


Water photos were taken outside of Nick’s Cove Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Marshall, on the shore of Tomales Bay in Marin County, California.

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