It’s Black Friday
and I Want to Introduce You
to Some of My Favorite E-tailers

It’s Black Friday<br>and I Want to Introduce You<br>to Some of My Favorite E-tailers

Black Friday. It means only one thing. The holiday shopping season has arrived – ready or not. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite e-tailers. The products offered might not be perfect for all the people on your gift list this season, but you might get some fun ideas for your wish list.

Some of these e-tailers have Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sales. Some of them offer sales only once a year, like TKEES, whose once-a-year sale I stumbled on while writing this post (yep – ordered two).

All of the sites included in this post offer much more than the few photos I’ve shown, including men’s and children’s items, clothing, accessories, and holiday gift suggestions.

When you click the company name in the headings below, you will be directed to the main website; in most cases I’ve added a direct link to the products pictured in case one of them piques your interest!

Oh, and one more thing. To stay “in the know” about friends and family events and special sales, sign up for your favorites e-tailers’ emails. That’s the very best way to have access to any special sales they have. They usually notify their mailing list before the general public. I’ve created a separate email address on Gmail just for shopping sites and retailers, so my regular email address isn’t inundated. It’s been very worth it many times, as I’ve been notified of sales and special events that aren’t announced to the public.

Here you go:

Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Bags and Totes

“Longchamp drew its inspiration from origami when creating LE PLIAGE, a light, foldaway bag that has since become a cult object worldwide. The LE PLIAGE line comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and in a dozen or so colors each season. Ideal for everyday use, LE PLIAGE is light as a feather, folds away to the size of a paperback, and is durable enough to keep all your essentials close at hand.”

Longchamp is a French luxury leather goods company, however, their nylon Le Pliage line of bags and totes may be the most iconic of the company’s products. I have three of the bags (two were generously gifted to me – lucky me!) and love them. My favorite is the large tote. It’s perfect for shopping and traveling. Carry it in your purse (it folds up into a small square) and then open it up to hold your purchases or small items in one easy-to-carry, lightweight tote.

In the photo above I’m carrying the large Longchamp tote on my way to Thanksgiving night shopping. (Just kidding – no Thanksgiving shopping for this lover of shopping.) Also pictured here is my tote folded so you have an idea of how small it gets.

Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Tote (Large)
Longchamp Tote Folded
TKEES Foundations Sandals
TKEES Gemma Slides
The TKEES once a year sale is on now! Check it out on the TKEES website linked above.

“It started in St. Barths, where a wandering Carly was in search of a simple, elegant sandal.”

These are my absolute favorite brand of flip flops. I know, I know, it’s not exactly flip flop season. Unless you’re one of the “there is no season for flip flops” people. Actually, I shouldn’t even call these flip flops – they are really a simple and beautiful sandal.

One of the best things about this line is the “Foundation Bar” nude colors in nine skin shades. TKEES are very popular with celebrities, and although they are priced a little higher than the standard flip flop, they are definitely affordable. I’ve tried knock-offs in the past, and I can tell you there is no comparison between TKEES and less expensive copies. There a some fun twists on the classic flip flop that I can’t wait to buy.

Shop for TKEES at Nordstrom

Shop for TKEES on Amazon

The Outnet

“EVERYTHING REDUCED BUT THE THRILL! With 350+ designers at up to 75% off, you’re sure to find plenty of must-haves to add to your Wish List!”

The Outnet is a discount designer fashion outlet and the sister website of luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter. The Outnet is the place where us “little people” can score luxury and designer brands at significant discounts. Sizes are often limited, but it’s worth browsing the site for what is on your wish or gift list in every category (including stocking stuffers).

The Outnet Sachin & Babi Wrap Top
The Outnet Kenneth Jay Lane Earrings
Cuyana Tote

“Fewer, better is the philosophy behind everything we do. We create timeless collections for the modern woman through carefully selected fabrics, precise silhouettes and attention to detail.”

Cuyana was introduced to me a few months ago, and I fell in love with the products immediately. The simplicity and quality of the clothing and accessories are beautiful. I haven’t purchased anything yet, but, believe me, I have a wish list – I’m especially eyeing the beautiful leather tote bags.


“We’re all about British fashion that’s the enemy of ordinary. Unmatched quality. Incredible service. That’s what we do best. You’ll find exclusive prints, premium fabrics, effortless cuts and surprising details for the whole family. And it’ll be those things that keep you coming back demanding more, more, MORE. “

I’ve been a fan of Boden for some years now. The British Boden styles and fabrics are just, well, a bit different. I can often identify a Boden piece that someone is wearing just by the fabric design. The quality is excellent and Boden offers clothing and accessories for men and children too.

Boden Brighton Biker Skinny Jeans
Boden Girls PJs
Rothy's The Point
Rothy's The Flat

“A wardrobe game change. Modern, classic style. A wardrobe staple that goes with pretty much everything. Lightweight comfort. A shoe you’d be happy to keep on all day. In Rothy’s style, comfort and versatility coexist in the first sustainable shoe as cute as it is comfortable; look good in your Rothy’s and feel good about your Rothy’s. That’s something you don’t see every day in fashion.”

I’m obsessed with Rothy’s! I have one pair (so far). They’ve become my “go-to” flats over the past few months, and I’ve been recommending them to everyone! They are so comfortable – like wearing slippers. And they are washable – in the washing machine! I just washed mine for the first time, and they came out of the washer looking brand new. They are available in two styles: a ballet style and a point toe style. However, there is a limited edition loafer Rothy’s has made just for Black Friday. My favorite is the point – it just suits me better than the ballet style. Rothy’s are made from recycled plastic bottles and knitted with no seams. There are definitely more Rothy’s in my future. (Note: I’ve never seen Rothy’s shoes go on sale.)


“At Everlane, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt. That’s why we partner with the best, ethical factories around the world. Source only the finest materials. And share those stories with you—down to the true cost of every product we make. It’s a new way of doing things. We call it Radical Transparency.”

I discovered Everlane through another blogger who was raving about the basic tees she buys. I tried a couple and really like them (pictured here). They are superior to most of the budget priced tees I’ve worn in the past (Everlane’s basic t-shirt is only $15!). I also am very attracted to their bags and totes.

There is an interesting section called “Choose What You Pay.” Items in this section give the customer a choice of prices accompanied by an short explanation about what each price will cover (e.g., development and shipping cost). It appears the products in this section are overproduced items. However, I’m not exactly sure why a customer would choose the higher of the three prices listed. Maybe people’s fairness meter plays a part in this!

Everlane The Day Magazine Tote
Everlane The Cotton V T-Shirt
Bucketfeet Chaos by Kristine Metoyer
Bucketfeet Watercolor Branches by Marina Starodubceva
Special Black Friday sale right now – all shoes $49!

“Bucketfeet collaborates with a global community of artists to design handmade-to-order shoes, spark conversations, and create a brighter world.”

If you’ve followed Dez & Dot for a while, you may have seen my post on Bucketfeet. These are such fun shoes! I have three pairs of the canvas slip-on style. They are casual, comfortable, and unique. I can’t count the number of times people have asked or commented about the designs on my Bucketfeet. These are a great gift . . . even for yourself! (Styles for women and men.)

There are other e-tailers I would love to share with you, but the post would go on for way too long! I’ll be sure to let you know about others I love and new ones I discover.

Happy shopping!


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