I purchased my first pair of coated denim jeans during the holiday shopping season - when I was NOT shopping for myself! They were marked at 50% off, and when I found out that the store's very generous return policy doesn't have a time limit, I decided to take them home and "decide later." (I know you do stuff like that too. I'm not the only one. Right?) So I'm finally getting around to giving them a test drive after postponing the keep or return decision for over a month. I have always loved the look of leather jeans. But the cost! Coated denim is a way to get the… View Post

This week I'm sharing a faux suede jacket. "Why?" you might ask, "She just posted a faux leather jacket last week." I realize they are similar, but I really want to share the faux suede option, and it seems the best time (weather-wise) to do it. Plus, last week's jacket was pink and faux leather and this week's is black and faux suede, and that's a huge difference! Here's how I ended up with a faux suede jacket when it wasn't even on my radar: It's Black Friday weekend. I'm pulled into the Macy's sale ad. The prices are intriguing. I see featured a faux leather jacket that I think… View Post

There's something just so pretty about pink. Wearing pink in an unexpected way creates a soft but not prissy look. This pink faux leather jacket with a moto vibe is the perfect combination of pretty pink and a little edge. It drew me in the minute I saw it. A faux leather jacket is a great topper that works as an accessory at the same time. It's light enough to wear indoors when it's chilly and warm enough to give that extra layer of warmth outside (well, in Northern California it is!). I have become a big fan of faux leather jackets over the past few years. I love real… View Post

I wear scarves - a lot. I wear them in the cold weather for warmth. I wear them in the warm weather as an accessory. I have quite a scarf wardrobe! However, I could definitely do a better job creatively tying my scarves. (Check out the proof - I pulled in a few previous post photos that incorporated scarves with less than creative tying.) We have a couple of months in front of us with cold weather - perfect scarf weather. It's a great opportunity to try some new ways to tie a scarf. This post is brief but rich! Check out two videos below that demonstrate various way to… View Post

I have never been a nail polish girl. I don't have the patience to keep up with at-home manicures and in the past, didn't want to budget for salon manicures. I did nail try polish manicures here and there over the years. But long nails didn't work for my lifestyle, and I thought short nails looked too stubby (I don't have long nail beds). Nail polish chipped too quickly if I didn't put a coat of clear over the color every day - who has time for that?? It actually was a solution to preventing chipped polish, but then I had to sit there doing nothing while the polish dried.… View Post

It's such a cliche to talk about working out and workout wear right at the beginning of a new year. It's all mixed up with New Year resolutions and turning over a new leaf, etc., etc., etc. It's unoriginal. In spite of that, I'm committed to incorporating exercise into regular my routine and believe that it's something I need to continue to prioritize. That requires revisiting how to support that habit all the time. And the start of a new year offers the opportunity to evaluate and recommit. I have begun this new year with some some goals (not calling them resolutions!), one of which is fitness related. I always… View Post

How fun! A swing coat. I kind of have a thing for coats and jackets with flair - something a little different in style or color (as evidenced in my pink coat post!). Not that the swing coat is a new trend. The swing coat is iconic. Originally designed to cover full skirts and dresses, it's just a stylish today as it was in the 1940s and '50s. The style, fitted through the shoulders, flares from there. Length can range from above the knee to longer. I happened upon this recent acquisition during the November friends and family sale by Indigenous. I was recently introduced to Indigenous by a friend,… View Post

Winter is the perfect time for taking advantage of two style basics that, when paired together, give substance to a conventional look in an understated way: Monochromatic Layering. I think it's a universal understanding that monochromatic dressing, or wearing pieces all in the same color, is a way to create a slim silhouette. It may sound like a safe but boring way to style an outfit. On the contrary! By using different shades or tones of the same color and by adding texture with layers, your look elevates from humdrum to sophisticated. A few things to keep in mind with a monochromatic look Choosing a Color Choose a color that… View Post

I never thought of myself as a poncho person. Well, not since 1974. But here we are - everything old is new again. I've discovered the ponchos of the 21st century, and they're pretty cool! I think of the poncho as a style accessory, one that adds a layer of warmth while giving an outfit a little dimension. This works well for me since I'm usually cold in the office. Adding a coordinating poncho to your outfit makes layering fun! This is a simple poncho design. Classic and classy. I love how it can be worn several ways, with an asymmetrical drape or with the hem straight. It's lightweight but… View Post

I LOVE my faux fur vest! And I'm so happy that this fun, statement trend is going strong. A faux fur vest is the perfect way to incorporate the faux fur trend without feeling too . . . over the top. I've had mine for at least six years - purchased at a garage sale (from my sister-in-law). It's Gap and is reversible - twill on the other side. But I've really only worn it on the faux fur side. It's one of my favorite fun accessories. I'd love to add another to my closet, multi-color would be my choice. Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for a faux… View Post