Accessory Storage and Organization

Accessory Storage and Organization

Those dang accessories! There are so many and they are so small. Keeping track of them can be a bit of a challenge. And storing them in a way that makes them accessible and keeps them front and center so you actually use them is, to me, the secret to successful accessorizing.

I’ll admit that I’m always on the search for the perfect solution for storing and organizing my various accessories – necklaces, bracelets, scarves, earrings, purses.

There are so many places to find ideas for accessory storage and organization – Pinterest probably includes every storage option in existence!

I’ve tried a few (or more) ideas and have incorporated what I’ve found that works for me into my dressing room. (Have I told you about my dressing room – see below for that.)

My solutions have to hit a few “musts”:

  • Must keep the accessories visible (or I don’t use them)
  • Must keep the accessories somewhat neat (key here – somewhat!)
  • Must not be costly
  • Must not be too complicated (no craft projects for me)

Here are my solutions for organizing my jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets), scarves (I’m a bit of a scarf fanatic), purses, and shoes. I do have a few hats and gloves, but not enough for me to feel the need for a dedicated “thing” to keep them stored and organized.

There a many different organizing and storage ideas – you have to find the one that works best for you. I’ve collected some ideas on my Accessory Organization and Storage Pinterest board, so take a look and find one that suits your needs. Here are what I’ve found that works for me:


A few years ago I realized that I had a pretty good sized collection of fashion necklaces, but most of them I never wore because I couldn’t see them. They were pretty much hidden in a drawer. After trying to figure out a way to display and organize them so that I’d be able to accessorize my outfits with a great necklace, I landed on tnecklaces-2he idea of “wall art.” To create mine, I simply chose a space on the wall (at first it was inside my walk-in closet, now it’s a bit of the wall in my “dressing room”) and affixed the tiniest size of 3M Command Damage-Free Wall Hooks. They are clear so aren’t too visible, and they hold and display necklaces without any trouble. It’s also easy toimg_5746 add more if (or should I say when!) you add to your necklace collection. There are others that I’ve seen that are more artsy, but I like the simplicity of this for the time being. My sister used a spool rack that she purchased at a craft store to organize her necklaces (along with bracelets and rings). This makes a nice display as well as a practical and compact organizer.


I know there a lot of ways to keep earrings organized and visible, many of them also attractively img_7876display the earrings. I prefer to keep my earrings in a drawer. I use small plastic organizer boxes with hinged lids that I picked up at the hardware store. I like that these boxes have moveable dividers so img_4306I can make a larger spot for my bigger earrings. With the divided boxes, I can easily see all of my earrings at one time so they don’t get forgotten. My sister has a beautiful earrings display and storage piece that works as an art or decorative piece as well.


I used to keep my bracelets kind of jumbled up in a drawer. Again – I wasn’t wearing most of themimg_7873 because they were not easy to see. Since I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to organize them, I decided to purchase a very inexpensive cup rack and hang the bracelets on the arms of the standing rack. It’s been working well for me and I have definitely solved the problem of the invisible bracelets. I’m still not 100% sure it’s the perfect solution for me, but I’m sticking with this simple idea for now.


Oh my gosh – this has been a challenge! I’m a big scarf wearer pretty much year-round. So, as you might imagine, I have a substantial collection. I’ve tried a variety of waimg_7881ys to organize and store the scarves (hanging, stuffing in pockets, folding, stacking), but usually ended up with a system that made it difficult to access or put the scarves away, or created a rumpled mess of a scarf. I very recently had a lightbulb moment while I was brainstorming storage ideas for our travel trailer. And I think it’s the best solution I’ve tried. I purchased a hanging, fabric multi-shelf organizer that is generally used for storing shoes (I think). I roll the scarves that are substantial enough to roll and slip them into the shelf spaces. It’s been working really well. For the lighter weight, flimsier scarves, I use a door hanging pocket organizer – kind of loosely folding and lightly stuffing doesn’t do any harm to this type of scarf.


For my moderate collection of purses, I use a Park-a-Purse Organizer (I talked about this in my post Choose the Perfect Purse for Your Body). It sits nicely on the closet shelf (it could also sit on the floor) and each of the twelve compartments can hold one-three small or medium size purses or one large purse. I really like this organizer for purses. (Mine isn’t quite as neat looking as this photo!)


Do shoes count as accessories? I think they do. This has been another storage and organization challenge for me, and I’ve tried many different ways to organize them. Every time I change my closet configuration, it seems I need to come up with some new way of storing my shoes. I’m currently using a tiered shelf that sits on the floor and holds a pretty decent number of pairs. I’d love to have built in shoe storage, but that’s not in the plans at the moment!

About my dressing room: As each of our four children set out on their own, another bedroom in our home was left vacant. We used the rooms occasionally when the kids would return home during college breaks or for other visits. Eventually, we ended up with four vacant bedrooms. One became an office (and returned our dining room to its intended life). The others just sat there patiently waiting for the few times a year that their former inhabitants would return for a brief visit. Someday, I said, I would convert one of the bedrooms into my dressing room. But I couldn’t do it yet, because we needed the rooms for the few times each year that we put them back into service as a bedroom for our now-adult offspring. Then one day I said – why not now? What am I waiting for? I would put one of those rooms to much better use since I’d be using it daily. And my dressing room became a reality. I moved my clothes, shoes, accessories into the empty closet. I bought a simple makeup table and created my first dedicated space for “putting on my face” each day. I hung my necklaces on the wall. It’s not fancy, but it’s wonderful!

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you – be sure to check out the Pinterest board, too, if you are looking for accessory organizing solutions. Let me know if you have some new ideas!






  1. Julie
    October 15, 2016 / 8:36 am

    Great ideas, thanks! Love the rolled scarves! I recently purchased one of those hanging jewelry cabinets for my closet, which will also let me lock my jewelry in. I haven’t hung it up yet but the idea is that I can have all/most of my jewelry in one go-to place to finish my outfit.

    • Karen
      October 25, 2016 / 8:47 am

      Hi! It’s always evolving when new ideas pop up. But the rolled scarf method is really working for me! Can’t wait to see that jewelry cabinet.

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