Thank you for visiting Dez & Dot, a place for women who like to have fun with fashion and style, trends, cosmetics, skin care – or who want to learn – and who love to share stories about life. I’ve been building this place in my head for a few years and am glad to finally see it become real!

Dez & Dot is naIMG_5487med after my grandmothers: Dezolina and Dorothy (read the Dez & Dot story here). Both of them were strong women who faced life-changing challenges at young ages, met those challenges, and made fulfilling lives for themselves.  They were devoted to their families – particularly to me – and they were important to me as I was growing up. The way they lived taught me many life lessons. The older I get the more I feel connected and inspired by them.

Dorothy enjoyed looking her best and looked much younger than her years as she grew older. She always cared about the way she looked. She dressed pretty cute, wore makeup, kept her hair styled – I think she would have gotten a kick out of this project of mine.

My love affair with cosmetics began with my first Yardley frosted lipstick – a 13th birthday gift from my parents. I can still feel how excited and grown up I felt when I unwrapped that gift! Just having it made me feel cool! I still love make up, and love to discover style, fashion trends, hair styles, and products that fall into all those categories. I’m often a resource to my friends (that’s what they tell me, anyway). I’m sure that’s because, as I like to say, I read those shallow magazines that focus on these things! It’s been my hobby for a long time, and this blog is an extension of that hobby.

Beyond the fun of cosmetics and fashion, there are so many experiences that we all have in life that sometimes are important to share – they communicate a message that has meaning to a wide audience. I’ll share stories like this along the way. I’d love to hear your stories or stories that you find.

I come from a line of strong women, beautiful both inside and out. Although I’m over 50, I definitely don’t feel “my number.” I have fun interpreting fashion trends so they are age appropriate and still look up to date. I’m active and am always trying to do my best to keep fit so I can enjoy my life for a long time.

I’ve been mIMG_6129arried to my soul mate John for a long time. We’ve been adjusting to being empty nesters and have rediscovered all the things we liked about each other when we met! We are finding new adventures to share – one of them is our new baby, a 24′ travel trailer! We are having fun exploring with our little house on wheels.

Together we have raised four children, a daughter and three sons, now young adults successfully and happily pursuing their passions. I love to watch my children on their journeys – they are smart, creative, talented, caring, and each of them is someone I’d choose to be my friend. Okay – I’m their mom, so what would you expect me to say! But, truly, I’m not the only one who says it!

I think we all should be able to do whatever it is that results in our being our best selves. Sometimes that can be not serious or world changing, like new styles or makeup discoveries. Other times it can be weighty, maybe learning from the story of an inspiring woman who has overcome great challenges or made an important difference in the world, or who is doing something incredible and life changing.

I hope that what I share here will be fun or meaningful to you. I hope you find value in what you read here. If you like what I share, please subscribe to Dez & Dot and it will be delivered regularly right to your inbox.

Again, thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy. I’d love to hear your comments, feedback, questions, and suggestions.



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