Since I’ve committed to a “shop-free” three months (remember last week’s post, My Clothes Shopping Diet?), I’ve been paying closer attention to what’s already in my closet, and I’ve realized that I have a variety of some pretty nice things. I’ve also realized that I’m not using many of those items to their maximum advantage. That realization gave me a little inspiration to really look at what I have and come up with a plan for using those pieces better, especially since I do enjoy figuring out how to mix the different pieces I have in ways that I haven’t tried before.  Usually I do this in my head –… View Post

I love jeans, and I'd wear them every day if I could. Your jeans style can take you from super casual to dressed up for a night on the town. It's all in how you create your look with complementary pieces of clothing and accessories. It's easy and it's fun! Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to build your jeans style to be versatile and classy. Think of every jeans purchase as an investment. This might sound strange and you might need a minute to wrap your head around this idea. But there really is a difference between $100+ jeans and jeans that are priced… View Post

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit obsessed with shoes lately. I guess it’s not so radical – it’s a new season, and I’m guessing that you, like me, feel a little bit like a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis. We’ve shed our winter darks, sweaters, boots, and coats, and we are ready to show our colors, a little skin, and wear SOMETHING DIFFERENT! When the season carries us into a warmer, sunnier time, we finally get to relegate our socks to their drawer, try a new fun polish color on our toes, and have fun with spring shoe styles. Yay! Spring and summer shoe styles this year… View Post

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” ~ Lauren Hutton Have you ever tried to define your style? Style is a form of expression. Your style is an expression of your personality. Sometimes the style you choose on a given day is an expression of your mood – other times you may dress to modify a mood. How are you expressing yourself through your very individual style? What part does how you dress play in your confidence and in how you relate to the world? How much fun are you having with your clothes? We all have a style personality.… View Post

There’s nothing that can perk up an outfit like jewelry! I have a pretty full collection of fashion jewelry. I’m not big on fine jewelry except for a few pieces like my wedding and engagement rings and a few others, but I think it’s fun to have a variety of affordable pieces that can influence the look of an outfit – or even represent a mood or attitude. Do you (like me) I look at the number of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings you have and wonder how a person can need more? Maybe it's time to retire something old and add something new. It’s fun to refresh jewelry looks as… View Post

  Putting together outfits each day can be fun and creative . . . or it can be overwhelming. Styling a “look,” whether you are headed to work or school, driving the kids to their activities, or going for a fun outing, doesn’t have to be complicated. You can walk out the door every day and feel confident, comfortable, and chic. To simplify creating great outfits, use a formula. It’s simple and can eliminate some of the frustration that we sometimes face when we’d like to look like we have our own stylist. Formula = Basic + Interest + Completer + Accessories

I've been searching for the perfect no-show socks for flats and slip-ons. I think I found it! Most of the shoes we wear during the summer - slip-ons, flats, sneakers - are not meant to wear with socks. (Unless you don't mind your socks showing.) Even in cold weather months, it’s become trendy to wear all kinds of shoes and booties sans socks. But . . . without socks, your feet get sweaty and can feel uncomfortable. Making no-show socks work for flats and slip-ons is a problem. And I know I'm not the only one who's noticed. I have tried a variety of "no-show" socks with my slip-ons and… View Post

I have been thinking over the past few years about how to keep my body healthy and fit so that I can be active as I get older. If I'm thinking about this, maybe you are too. While it’s a lot of fun talking every week about clothes, trends, and makeup, it's important to talk about what can keep us healthy and positively affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. For me, being consistent about fitness is always an advance-and-retreat game. I'm committed for a period of time, and then I fall out of the habit. I don't think that's very unusual for most of us. But it is SO important… View Post

I love to shop! It’s just fun and actually gives me a lift. This weekend I went to a shopping mall with a friend, primarily to exchange something. But, who am I kidding? It’s difficult to be at a mall and not find something to buy! Loving to shop and not spending a lot of money might sound like polar opposites. But they can go hand-in-hand. I love to shop, and I love to get a deal, whether it’s a sale or a coupon or a rewards incentive. I would say that the majority of my clothes and accessories were purchased at less than full price. I’m going to go… View Post

  I don’t know about you, but since we are now creeping up on February, I’m starting to turn my wardrobe thoughts to spring. I know, I know, it’s still a bit far away, and it sure does still feel like winter here in Northern California (okay – it’s nothing compared to some really cold parts of the country, but relatively speaking). But the days are getting a tiny bit longer, and spring is now only eight weeks away. The stores are clearing out their winter merchandise and making room for fresh spring clothes. Maybe we should think about doing the same. Spring invites us to turn over a new… View Post